Storage solutions do not need to be ugly. You can shop for indoor storage benches that are great for anywhere from the back door to the play room. But many of the designs are based on a "box" with a hinge. This makes a great seat and then you lift the lid and there is your box for storage.

But if you are looking for something more elegant, you can still find it. As functional pieces of furniture, the storage bench has made a big come back. But what if you need storage, but don't like the idea of having to take the cushions off the seat (if you have cushions) to get at your things?

You can build your own indoor storage, from plans and designs out on the internet, but you can also shop for many styles online. Storage is no longer the functional plain box for the kids room or hallway. It can be elegant! Elegant Design Storage Hall Bench with 3 Baskets (pictured)

The storage bench with baskets, is a great example of elegant storage, that can be showcased in any house. There is no reason why functional storage can't be trendy, chic and cool as bench with baskets

Baskets have been around for a long time for storage. They are a great way to store small items, by themes, and then place them on shelves. This gets rid of clutter and by using the same style baskets, it creates style as well as function.

So, if you would prefer the idea of baskets, then take a look at elegant indoor storage such as a storage bench with baskets.

This does not need to be at the back door, this could also be in the bedroom, living room, or anywhere you need extra seating and could use the storage.

Coming up with creative storage solutions is one way to keep calm and less chaos in a home. But just because you now have indoor storage benches, doesn't mean you should just fill them up too!

Once a season, you should go through a storage bench with baskets, or any indoor storage benches, and get rid of things that have worked their way to the bottom because they are not used anymore. You don't want your bench bursting at the seams either!

If you go to sit on it to put on your shoes, and you notice it is not sitting flat, then chances are it is time to have a good sorting out in there. Pull everything out, and if you have not used it or worn it for the season, then donate it or get rid of it.

The problem with all these creative storage solutions, is that if you are not on top of your clutter, they just become another place to stuff things. So, once a season might be a great time to go through your indoor storage bench and get rid of those smelly old mitts no one has worn or that old coat or backpack that just got stuffed in there, or that old gym bag.

It is amazing what kids will just stuff out of sight, when asked to clean up. So, yes the indoor storage bench is a creative and functional use of space for storage, but you still need to do some de-cluttering once in a while! But for elegance try the storage bench with baskets.

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