Storage boxes or units are a great way to hide the clutter that can make any room  look more open and spacious. if you have a child then you will most probably know how their room can sometimes look like world war 1 just happened. Young children don't seem to have the time nor the inclination to clean their rooms, but with the right storage units or boxes a parent can make it a fun activity for their child to keep their room tidy and clean. If it doesn't feel like a chore to a child but something fun to do then over time you will find that they are more than happy to make the effort to keep a tidy room. A child’s room is their own private space and should be treated as such, they have their friends over for social occasions, it is a play room for doing fun activities and finally where they are able to sleep in peace.

Storage boxes and units come in all sorts of sizes and also colors that may appeal to your child, find out what are your child’s favorite colors and then color code your storage boxes and units to match. There are also units that can be clipped and secured together so you are able to make square or L shape designs these are great to fit snug into the corners of your child’s room. Your may even want to paste your childs favorite pictures or drawings to the units it's totally up to you and your child. There are also hanging storage material shelves that can be hung in your child’s closet that come in a range of colors these are great for shoes and footwear.

You may also want to have a storage unit or box that not only stores your child’s things but can also be used as a table for your child to do their home work, some also come with little compartments to store their pens and pencils as well. Always make sure that any storage boxes or units you buy are child safe and meet the safety standards. Ask at your local store for any latest storage ideas that maybe available foor children you will surprised at the original ideas that are out there.  And please make sure you talk it over with your child first they will feel a part of the transformation of their room and part of the process if you include them as well.