Types of storage shed designsCredit: www.countryliving.com

There is a Storage Shed Design for every conceivable style of shed building. As our respective family interests rise, so does the demand for more space or another storage building. Clutter interferes with our very busy lives. Think about how handy it would be to have lean to shed for putting your garden tools, hoses and lawnmower. No more tripping over tools or getting tangled up with the garden hose. A lean to building is the easiest of shed to build, an first-class project for a first time woodworking enthusiast.

Picture yourself building a garage for your car, a place to put your bikes, a dry place to keep your snowmobile, ATV, and any other big items you can't store in the house. Or perhaps a low upkeep Interesting Garden Shed.

With the many storage shed designs that will protect our motorized playthings will be varied in size depending upon how many vehicles will be stored, along with supplies, gas cans and tools. The bulk of these sheds are rather simple in design as just about all of the useful needs will be in the inside of the building.

Depending which type of design you choose to build, pick out a roof height that will be tall enough to fit a overhead garage door. Most ceilings are 8 feet. Roof trusses can be used as extra storage space providing an open area not blocked by everything. Shed foundationsare commonly made with concrete, cement block, or pressure treated lumber. 4x8 sheets of T/G plywood make the flooring.

Entrance doors can either be single, double or overhead. The overhead door is the most advantageous for use in a single or a double car garage. Having a man door is useful when you want to go in and out without taking the car out. It would do away with opening the overhead unnecessarily. Having a ramp makes vehicle removal much easier. You may require a solid Shed Foundation if you are going to be using it as a garage. I would recommend a concrete slab on grade for this application.

Storage DesignA couple of windows that open for ventilation is a really good idea. Vehicle exhaust fumes, gas powered tools, paints and other combustible products need a source of fresh air.

The storage shed design for potting use needs to be properly ventilated since fertilizers, soil, insecticides, and aerosol sprays are messy and unhealthy to breath in. Having access to some water would be handy. A workbench is a essential also as a couple of shelves and hooks for hanging up tools.

Remember way back when you were a child wishing you had your very own special place. Your talented carpentry skills can make it a reality. The outdoor storage buildings of today have become a great workshop or an additional place away from the house...Your very own personal hideout. There are 1000s of different shed blueprint designsfor you to pick from depending on how you're going to use it.

Your choice of storage shed design may be the A-frame or gamble roof style with or without a porch, many sheds are barn shaped, saltbox and greenhouse types. Some can be used as a playhouse, pool cabana, and designed to match the decor of your home. Imagination and your personalized wants will prescribe the outside of the your shed.

Other considerations that can be added are, skylights, lighting, and even wall partitioning your outdoor storage shed into separate areas. Use your imagination and have fun!