Storage Wars. A popular T.V series on A&E. This show in recent years has become very popular. In this article I will review the T.V series and give you my thoughts about it.


Background Information

Storage auctions are big business in America. 1 in 10 people have storage units, and there are thousands of unpaid units. The storage companies cannot afford to keep these units occupied if no one is paying the bills,and they don't want to be bothered with getting rid of the contents, so they auction the units off in a storage auction. Bidders from all across the country come to these auctions and bid on the lots. The bidders are not allowed to go inside the unit and they can only see the contents from the outside. This adds risk because the bidders have sometimes no idea what is inside. California is one of the most competitive states when it comes to storage auctions, due to the high number of storage lockers in the state. There are many people who bid on auctions in California and there are some people who muscle out everyone else in the business. These people buy storage units for a living.


The Show

Storage wars is a show were 5 full time storage hunters, go from auction to auction bidding and winning storage lockers.  The 5 storage hunters are Dave Hestor who is considered the Mogul. He is among the richest of the 5 and owns an auction house and a store where he sells what he finds in units. Darrell Sheets is known as the Gambler. He as the title dictates is a big gambler and takes risks on units. Jarrod and Brandi are a couple who own and operate a thrift store. They are known as the Young Guns. Barry Weiss is a collector who  is the odd ball of the group.

   Storage auctions can be a high stakes game, with some lockers going into the thousands of dollars. Storage Wars shows how tough this business can be and adds suspense and drama to the mix, With over 3.8 million viewers in the first season alone. A&E's Storage Auction was an instant hit. Ever since the day it first premiered, people from all over the country have tuned in to watch the high stakes game of bidding on storage units.

My Thoughts

Out of 5 I would rate the show a 3. Below I have stated my reasons and if they affected my rating in a positive or negative fashion.
  • Positive:There is a lot of suspense and drama in the show.
  • Positive:The show is interesting and keeps the viewers hooked
  • Negative: The prices they state for some of the items seems inflated.
  • Negative:The show is not 100% factual when revealing what people find in their storage units.
  • Negative: The prices for the lockers and the auction are different due to the fact that they are shown on T.V.
  • Positive: The stars of the show, give commentary while the auction is being replayed.

Overall I like Storage wars a lot. I think it is a great show that has a mass market appeal. Everyone can find something they enjoy in the show and I highly recommend watching it!

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