Coupon clipping has a whole new meaning these days. With so many families struggling to make ends meet it is vital to many of them to save money on groceries. While you may have thought that you can save money by just shopping sales, using coupons additionally can save you even more money and in some cases can provide you with free items. One thing that is very important that many people don’t think about is the individual store policies on coupons. Some of them have been overrun with extreme couponers and have changed their coupon policies because of them.


Before you head out to use your coupons make sure you understand the coupon redemption policies in the stores you are planning to travel to. Some of them have their policies online and you can print them for your reference. If you can’t find them online contact the store and ask them politely to provide you with a copy. This might be something that they can to do ahead of time and have waiting for you the next time you visit the store.


Once you have learned the store's policies on coupon redemption, go through your coupons to make sure you are following the policy carefully. It will save you time at the register if you have your coupons ready before you even leave on your shopping trip. You may have to divide your order into multiple smaller orders if the policy says per transaction and limits your purchases. You may also find that the coupons are only allowed to be used per customer and not per transaction. In this case it could get complicated and you might want to have a friend or family member go with you to be the other customer.

Coupon clipping might seem like a great deal of work, but it can literally save you thousands of dollars a year and allow you to build up a stockpile of items that you pay pennies per item for and don’t have to buy again for months at time. Once you get up and running with your couponing, you will be able to shop for items that are ONLY on sale or that you can get for free or nearly free because you will have enough of the basics at home to shop only when you want to. Not needing to go to the grocery store and spend money on a regular basis is a huge advantage in this tough economic time.


With the rising cost of food and many other products, coupon clipping is necessity for many families who are living on one person’s income or sometimes even those who have a two person income but don't make enough to live comfortably. The money you can save by shopping frugally, thinking ahead, and coupon clipping is dramatic when you set it against your household income. Whether you are a college student or a large family, there is room for savings and the little work you put into couponing will pay off when you see your savings account start to accumulate money. Once you get started it will be something that you can thrive on and look forward to.