Shop Online With No Credit Card

Yes, stores with buy now pay later do still exist. In fact, in today's 2013 economy store with buy now pay later have become a great option for people who don't have a credit, don't want a credit card or can't get a credit card.  Stores with shop now pay later give people options that they would not normally have through conventional shopping channels.


How Do Stores With Buy Now Pay Later Work?

 Before WWII and the credit system as we know it today, merchants and customers dealt directly with each other for their business to customer transactions.  A merchant would basically take the buyer at his word and extend credit.  The buyer would then pay back the store merchant directly without the intervention of any banks or financial institutions.  This worked fine until customers became mobile and the financial system came into play to meet the demand for customers who travelled and needed credit outside of their hometown.  Enters the current financial system as we know it and the national credit bureaus.

In recent years, stores like Montgomery Ward and Sears continued the tradition of extending credit directly to their customers and it seemed to work well for them.  Other stores with order now pay over time such as Fingerhut enters the world of merchant held credit plans and gives customers who could not get a conventional MasterCard or Visa, a chance to shop on credit and pay for it later using the store's or catalog's own credit program.

Stores with order now pay over time extend credit directly to customers with a system that is hassle free and relaxed credit approval criterion.  You can apply for credit online, through the online catalog or through the mail through the print catalog.  If you apply online and get approved, you can shop right away.  You can send in your application with your order through the print catalog and many are approved. To help chances of approval, first orders should be $100 or less. You should always make sure you read the terms, conditions, requirements and directions very carefully before applying.


Why Would People Choose To Use Stores With Order Now Pay Later?

 There are many reasons why someone would choose to use stores with shop now pay later.  Some reasons include but certainly not limited to:

  • Customer has no credit card and needs to be able to buy something now and pay for it later
  • Customer cannot get a credit card and needs to use deferred credit options
  • Customer doesn't want to use high interest credit cards for purchases online or through the mail
  • Customer simply likes online shopping stores or a certain online shopping store and wishes to shop there

There are many reasons, luckily this option is available for those who want it and need it. Many people can attest to the fact that they have used Stores with shop now pay over time to furnish their homes and put clothes on their backs when no place else would help them.


What Are The Interest Rates Involved With Stores That Offer Deferred Billing Options?

The interest rates vary from 5 percent all the way up to 30 percent depending on where you live, your current credit rating and the catalog/store. Each store with order now and pay over time has it's own criterion and interest rate scales, so read them carefully.


Are Stores With Buy Now Pay Later A Good Option For Me?

Well, only you can decide that. The best way to find out if these deferred billing online stores is right for you is to check them out, read their offer carefully, see what they have to offer and decide if you are going to apply for credit through their online store or through their print catalog.  Many people believe it's easier to get credit by applying through the print catalog, which is the original way the did before the Internet became so popular.  Only you know why you are looking for deferred billing stores and why you need one and if they are right for you.  Most people just try one (usually the one stop shops like Fingerhut, Montgomery Ward or SeventhAvenue), and then decide if the experience is right for them.


Types of Online Stores With Monthly Payment Options

 One Stop Shopping Stores

One stop shopping stores are basically online shops where you can buy everything. It's like walking into a small mall or large department store. You can pretty much find everything from clothing for men, women and children to jewelry to home appliances. They are literally "one stop shops."

Women and Fashion



Gourmet Foods




Musical Instruments


With some of the stores with shop now and pay in installments, you have the option of shopping online and then picking up the merchandise at a specific location. Customers also have the option to order online or from the catalog and pick up their items directly from the store-Similar to How Walmart Does.

Is Getting an Online Credit Card Application With These Shops Easy?

Compared to getting a MasterCard or Visa, yes, it is easier than that. However, you can still be denied.  Grand Pointe Store with buy now pay later is still kind of old school in the sense that according to its website, it still offers you $100 instant credit with a chance to work up to a $500 credit line with them.  Grand Pointe is one of the "one stop shops" listed above and it is talked about briefly in all of the articles dealing with stores with shop now pay over time because of it's adherence to the old ways of the installment payment catalogs.



Online shops that extend essentially store credit to its customers, have made a name for themselves in these recent years, especially since the recession of the later part of 2000 to the present day 2013 and will continue to be a driving force in consumer shopping for years and years to come.  Many people hate them and other people love them and use them often.  It all comes down to you, your preferences and your needs and what these stores with installment credit payment shopping can offer you that other merchants cannot. Store Card
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