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More and more stores carry Active Manuka honey. Make sure to read the label securely in order to get the product you are looking for. Active Manuka is collected from the wild, uncultivated Tea Tree bush which is indigenous to New Zealand. Active Manuka aids the healing of wounds and ulcers by a number of different ways. In particular it provides you with powerful, natural, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Using Manuka honey for medicinal purposes presents no negative side effects. You can get different products of Active Manuka honey that are aimed at either internal or external uses.


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Health food stores carry active Manuka honey. It is a very unique kind of honey which is made from the bees that gather the nectar found on the flowers of the Manuka bush- commonly known as the Tea Tree. It has become known as the ‘healing honey’ for good reason, both internally and topically on the skin and its therapeutic properties have now become well documented. It cannot be destroyed by our body’s enzymes making its medicinal value to have more sustaining power.

What is Active Manuka honey?

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Active Manuka is a medicinal honey which is usually produced in New Zealand. Manuka honey is very unique. This dark amber-colored has a woody smell with a hint of caramel flavor. It is produced from the bees that feed on the nectar from the flowers that grow on Manuka Tea Tree and scientifically named as Leptospermum scoparium. It is a honey native only to the New Zealand and parts of southeast Australia where the Manuka bush is found. The Manuka bush is prolific scrub-type tree. It is an evergreen with white flowers, occasionally pink flowers and prickly leaves. It is considered small in size (2-5m) but this shrub can grow to be 15m tall. The bush itself is known in history for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Various parts of this bush are used by native Maoris of New Zealand to make teas, dressings and other medicinal uses for centuries. 

Ingredient in Active Manuka honey

Active Manuka contains methylglyoxal which is the active ingredient and endows Manuka honey with its exceptional antibacterial properties that is it’s UMF.

 Benefits of Active Manuka honey

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The natural properties of Manuka honey are highly recommended for many chronic diseases, acute systemic illnesses, and also cancer. The primary role of Active Manuka honey is in the field of topical treatment. This could include:

- Bedsores management

-Skin injuries and wound infections


-Peptic ulcer treatment

-MRSA treatment

Healing properties of active Manuka honey

Manuka Honey is excellent for sore throat, stomach, heartburn, stomach ulcers, acid reflux or GERD and healing. UFM (Unique Manuka Factor) is a target for antibacterial properties in certain types of Manuka honey. UFM with least number of 5 can use the name of the UFM. UFM  score of 10 or higher is required for medical applications.  There must be a UFM figures on bottle of Manuka to indicate a specific antibacterial properties.

The property UFM has been demonstrated in laboratory studies to be better than the effect of hydrogen peroxide to remove the bacteria infecting the wounds that are very common. It creates germ-free moist healing and it is ideal healing. The environment of moist wound healing allows tissue to grow back faster than the wound dry. Also avoid crust, which allows you to heal without scarring growth that allows forming pustules that sometimes develops with scabs. UFM property not only kills common bacteria, but has also proven highly effective against drug-resistant bacteria.

Manuka honey is an excellent natural treatment for a range of issues both internally and externally. It is more effective than traditional l drugs. This is due to the strong anti-bacterial and fungicide, the regeneration of the skin, calming the nerves of the skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic properties and relieves itching. It has been reported to be effective when applied to skin conditions by fungi, including dermatophytes. A common feature of fungal conditions is also a strong presence of bacterial infections. Although antibiotics can often provide legal remedies but often fail to eliminate the fungal infection.

Varying quality of Active Manuka honey

 A great honor for our understanding about Manuka should be given to Dr. Peter Molan of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. Dr Molan has been involved in the study and cataloging of the effects of honey for the body’s healing process, leading to a growing understanding of the factors involved in the treatment of persistent infection of the skin bacteria.

 From 1991, it was found that all honey is effective in non-peroxide antibacterial activity but in reality the variation between different batches of honey can be as much as 100 - times. The Research Unit has developed a procedure for judging honey, which is now in place for some time. This led to the creation of industry standard UMF. The latest international standard for honey is the Molan Gold Standard which is a certification mark to evaluate the bioactivity of Manuka honey products. This new rating system which is the successor to the rating system UFM is giving a lot of advantages to the customers.

Availability of Active Manuka and its products in stores

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Manuka honey, manuka oil and propolis soap, active manuka with bee venom= Actiflex , manuka honey active bio active 5+, manuka honey 16+ and active manuka honey cream for babies and adults with eczema, Psoriasis and dermatitis are some of the most benefited products of this honey available in the nearby better health stores. Some supermarkets also sell it and it can also be bought online from eBay or Amazon.


Stores that carry manuka honey are found everywhere offering you the UMF labeled honey with a rating of at least 10 UMF (or a MGO rating of minimal 100). Active manuka honey from the New Zealand has exceptional antibacterial and healing activity used in apitherapy treatment of a variety of skin conditions and stomach problems. It has powerful health benefits. Amazon or is the best online sellers of active manuka honey. And few health stores besides your home also give you the opportunity to have active manuka honey.