Muscle Cars Are Our Love

Any classic or muscle car enthusiast knows that taking care of your automobile is the most important thing. Of course, we need to take care of them while we're using them... but what about when we're not? Although winter is generally short, it can feel like a lifetime without your special car. But in order to keep it special, precautions must be taken in order to make sure a long, healthy storage for your car so that it will be ready to go once the snow begins to melt...

Here is a great guide to ensure the safety and longevity of your classic automobile or loud and proud muscle car.

Things You Will Need

1. Climatize Your Car

Make sure that your automobile is stored in a good environment. The best way to store your car is at 60 degrees fahrenheit, and 60% humidity. If the air is too moist, mold can form and metal can rust. However, if the air is too dry, any rubber and plastic parts on your car can deteriorate. Also, be very sure to choose a storage location where your car is out of the sun! The sun can easily fade paint.

2. Top Up Your Fluids!

Changing the oil before storage is a necessity, so that the acidity and other contaminant levels in your engine are low. Another important tip is to change your brake fluid! Aged brake fluid can absorb condensation in the air, and rot out parts and brake lines. Be sure that all other fluid levels, such as power steering, transmission, and differential, are topped off as well. Also remember to fill up the tank with fresh fuel, so that condensation does not get into the gas tank and errode it.

3. Grease Monkey!

Make sure before you put your beloved car away, grease up any parts that need and can be greased.

4. Take Care Of Your Interior

The inside is just as important as the outside. Wipe down all components before storage, so that dust does not collect in the components themselves. To minimize any other moisture damage, remove all floor and trunk mats, so no moisture gets caught underneath.

5. Get Them Critters!

Most people don't think of it, but critters like racoons and mice can often get into your garage or storage facility and chew up your tires, pipes, metal, and wires. Put any kind of store-bought critter control products in and around your car to make sure anything unwanted stays away from it!

This guide is ultimately just the beginning. There are many steps that people create themselves when storing their classic or muscle cars. But this guide should serve as a starting point for both new muscle car owners, as well as seasoned ones. Enjoy the nice weather while you can!... Winter is just around the corner before you know it!

Tips & Warnings