For many homeowners, storm doors serve more than one purpose. The purpose for which they will be used is always an important point of consideration. Are they being purchased primarily for protection or for beautification? The answer to this question is dependent on the weather condition experienced in that locale as well as how safe the location of the home or building is.

As the names imply, they were originally sought after for the protection they offered against the elements. Over time, they gained popularity as a means of protection against unlawful entry. People had to choose between beauty and safety, as the original designs were generally not very attractive.

As the number of suppliers increased and demand rose, competition forced iron gate manufacturers and makers of storm doors to offer more attractive designs. These days, the types and variety of options available are limited only by one’s imagination. Many companies now offer custom designed products to suit the individual taste of their customers.

How to Choose Storm Doors for Protection

If protection is the main reason for buying them, the selection process is different from buying them mostly for their looks. Some points to bear in mind when protecting your home with these fixtures are:

* The type of material use to build them as well as the kind of hinges and locks used. For security purposes, those made from wrought iron and aluminum are stronger and can resist great force.  Many also have grills for greater security while not detracting from the overall look of the entrance way.

* The finish used to offer protection against the elements. If placed in an area where hurricane force winds are the main threats, finishes should resist breakage and peeling. If on the other hand, water damage is the main fear, then a water resistant finish is of prime concern.

* Many are manufactured and sold ready for installation so you can easily test the weight and sturdiness in the store before buying. If you have any doubts, follow your instincts and get another type from another manufacturer.

* Look for defects especially around the edges as these can minimize the protection you are looking for.

When it comes to beautification, storms doors can be designed to fit the décor of just about any structure. Many have intricate designs reminiscent of earlier centuries, which can help a home to have an elegant, aged look.

When choosing designs, the amount of effort that will be needed for cleaning should be considered. The more intricate the design used, the greater the need for some amount of maintenance to keep your storm doors looking good.

Some storm doors are installed to help keep heat in and cold out so as to reduce energy costs. Many types have glass inlays to allow light inside a room.  Some types are built with screens that help to keep out insects and bugs, which can become a nuisance.

Screens also act as a means of reducing the amount of dust that get inside your house as well. They also act as a protection to main entrance doors as many people install them in front of their entrance doors. This offers double protection against the element as well as break-ins.

Storm doors are now seen as standard features on many homes. They can significantly increase the curb appeal of a property as well as increase its value on the market. The same is true of any iron gate installed as they offer protection and security, which is important for many property owners. An iron gate is especially useful for securing areas such as pools from children and uninvited teens out for a thrill.