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Becoming a teenager is a huge milestone in a kid's life. Ever since coming out of the womb, they've dreamt of receiving beaten toys and battered hand-me-downs from older siblings who instead receive the hottest and newest products fresh off the shelves. I'm kidding obviously. Of course though, it's a different story if the tables are turned and they're the oldest. Two sides of a coin, yet still the same coin. And that's typically how your quality of life is determined even though you've reached a new status at 13. You have no control over your fate. You're like a pubescent leaf drifting in the wind forced to accept whichever ditch or garden you land in. But you can make a difference if that kid happens to be your son or daughter. You can make it a great 13th birthday party, you can even make it a fantastic 13th birthday party. But how, do you think, would his life evolve if you prepared for him a strange 13th birthday party? Trying out a few of these ideas will give you a front seat view of the coming years if you chose that scenario.

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I'm not an American Idol, I just want to party

If you're hosting a girl's birthday party, theme the party with their favorite teen pop star, say Justin Bieber, to get the young ladies excited. Not strange enough for you? How 'bout this, if any boys want to come, require that they dress up as the pop star himself. That's right, multiple Justin Biebers of different shapes and sizes will come flocking to the party, just so they can be included. Actually, you might be lucky to get at least one guy to show up, but getting the word out that you'll be having a video game marathon might bait a few extra wannabe singers to the party.

Also, require that they bring unique 13th birthday party gifts for her that have something to do with the pop star they're impersonating. It could be a CD or a poster, and there can be something like a registry so to avoid duplicate gifts. This might not be suitable the other way around since female pop stars tend to dress a little inadequately, but stars like Hannah Montana or even other characters from popular TV shows can add a little bit of fun to the mix. Essentially what you have is a costume party, the only difference is that it's gender base.

You can base it on something entirely different if so desired. You can plan a series of games that are team based with the losers having to wear some distinguishing item that can only be taken off once they've won a game. It could be a costume; it could be face paint applied. Anything that's noticeable will do fine. But remember, although competition is always fun, make sure the kids know these are only games. There are plenty of team building activities for kids that'll help maintain a spirit of unity while having fun.

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Fun Reality TV

Does your child enjoy watching reality TV shows? You know where I'm going with this, right? Host a party based off one of the reality TV shows you see on network television: The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor or America's got Talent. You'd theme the whole party with that show, so if it's survivor, the decorations would be tropical and the kids would have their outside clothes on because that's where most of the games would take place.

The Amazing Race can be sort of a scavenger hunt where they search for items you've hidden, with pit stops like in the actual show where they win prizes. This can simply be hosted in your backyard, or if you're willing, it can go cross-city. From the backyard to a water park, to a public gym, wherever you feel like hiding items and setting up mini games so the kids can compete. You could even have one pit stop be the local library to find a book to check out if you think the kids can be respectful of the other people. To add a little bit more depth, have them find a Where's Waldo book and actually make them find Waldo! Strange, huh?

Conversely, if you don't like the idea of taking the party around town, a Big Brother themed party will have the kids confined to the house, but will still have activities they can play. You'd put up camera's where they can have fun confessionals after each activity. This theme can last a few days if it's a sleepover party. A whole weekend full of games and competitions where instead of people getting voted out of the house (or out of the party), they'll receive points with a prize being awarded to the winner at the end of the weekend. You could also arrange all the confessionals into an interesting mini-movie where the kids can take home and watch. Just use some video editing software to make it crisp and clean. With all the fun they'll be having, the guest of honor might forget all about his 13th birthday party gifts that everyone brought.

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Backwards Surprise Party

This party idea is sort of self-explanatory. It's just a twist on an old classic. Obviously the birthday boy or girl already knows their day is coming, and maybe you've already done some variant of a surprise party for one of your relatives. Make this one a little bit different by have the guest of honor and a parent, that's you, surprise each of the guests that weren't invited to the party. Of course, you'd need to make sure that each child will be at a dedicated location so you won't miss them. Maybe explain to their parents what's going on so they can ensure their child's at home when they receive the news. As far as presents are concerned, they can shop for those later after the party. The event itself will start out with just you and the 13 year old, and as you surprise each child, the group will get larger till the last child gets the pants surprised off him when everyone shows up unannounced. Is this a weird party idea? Yes. Is this what this article's about? Yes.

The point of all this

Hosting a strange 13th brithday party for your new teenager will definitely make it memorable and fun for all who come. Anything that sticks out as weird, awkward, and unexplainable will surely gain a firm spot in the minds of those who witnessed the event taking place. They'll have something to talk about during class the next day, and even years down the road. So if you don't want your child to be disappointed with hand-me-downs, planning a unique 13th birthday party will cause her to overlook those torn jeans her sister wore, and that warped backpack that seems to lose more stuff than it holds. Remember, they only turn 13 once, and you want them to have fond memories of when they were young to treasure as they grow older. That's the whole point of fun birthday parties. Memories.

Other birthday party ideas

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