Broaden your horizons

By the time you hit thirty, you may have experienced a lot of strange things. Things that might've been indescribable either because they're too embarrassing, or so bizarre no words in the English language can fully define the occurrence. Being a thirty year resident on earth is bound to give you a few of those moments - whether experiential or observed - and what will it hurt to add a few more to that list? Of course if you hadn't experienced anything strange, that's even a greater reason to do something out of the ordinary for your 30th birthday. If you're tired of the old traditional same-as-always kind of party, then you might want to adopt a few of these ideas to make your occasion a bit odd. Just doing something you probably wouldn't do would qualify it as being abnormal. And if ever you get a sense of awkwardness or uncertainty during your birthday, then you know you're on the right track. Check out a few of these suggestions.

haunted house(43545)Credit: frédéric dupont

The haunted party

Do you ever hear eerie groanings during the night? Or do you get a sense someone's watching you, but you're the only one in the room? If not, then you can imagine how strange you'd feel if these situations did occur. Taking a few people with you to a haunted house for a birthday party can go beyond strange - it can be scary. You'd take a voice recorder to record all the sounds that may occur at your destination; bring cameras capable of shooting infrared night vision shots, and thermometers so you can check to see if the temperature falls rapidly in an area (a common sign a ghost is present). But most importantly, you'd bring the cake and ice cream - it is a party after all. It may seem strange hosting a party in a beaten down abandoned house, but that's what you were going for. You'd be opening birthday gifts in the presence of friends and those from beyond the grave. It's probably a good idea to bring trick candles in case they blowout before you've made your wish. Who knows, maybe you'll find a Casper-like ghost who will celebrate your party with you.

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Why are we celebrating this

Every July in New Mexico, a UFO festival is hosted in Roswell. People dress up in alien costumes, listen to live music and a fireworks show is displayed on the 4th. If your birthday happens to fall in or around July, then that'd be another strange thing to do to celebrate. Who knows, you might have an encounter! There numerous other weird festivals happening throughout the year if your birthday isn't in July. If you don't mind traveling a bit, you can go to Velencia, Spain where they have the La Tomatina festival. This occurs during the end of August; masses of people hurl tomatoes at each other to celebrate absolutely nothing. And if tomatoes aren't your preferred fruit to toss, just head over to Ivrea, Italy where they host an annual Battle of the Oranges festival in February. This event is less-strange because they have an actual reason why they toss oranges. They're celebrating being rid of a tyrant that ruled in the middle ages. But it's still strange nonetheless.

Home strange home

You can always stay home for your birthday and still have it be strange. Doing things with friends you don't typically do will still produce the desired results (awkwardness). Some activities include hypnosis. There are books and tutorials you can find on the web to help you with hypnotizing your friends. Another option is a strange theme for a birthday party. What's the guest of honors favorite holiday? Find out what it is and theme the party around it. If it's Christmas, put up a tree, make sure everyone's wearing their best Christmas sweaters and wrap birthday gifts with Christmas wrapping paper. Or, if you still have a lot of youthfulness in your system, you can host a party with a bunch of kids games. Go out and play laser tag to bring out any competitiveness in you. Anything you feel would fall into that category would suffice.

Who likes to feel weird?

Whatever you decide to do on your 30th birthday, making it strange will ensure a memorable time for you and your guests. And you don't need to restrict it to an age either. You can have an unusual 50th birthday party if you so desired. It all depends on your personality. If you're a more conservative type that enjoys traditional parties, then obviously you might not get into any of these ideas. But if you want to experience more things in your life, doing something out of the ordinary can help. Just be sure the guests you're inviting will want to jump on board to what you're planning. Not everyone likes feeling awkward.

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