Nice Style

Turning 40 is a huge milestone that should be celebrated with style. A style so twisted and strange, no one would ever forget it. The type of style your guests wake up in cold sweats during the night for, unsure of how they might perform, or in a general disgust of the party activities they may have to do. Adding an intense amount of pressure, making everyone feel uncomfortable, and having at least one person dry heave when they view the invitation is what everyone wants, right? Well, maybe not, but wouldn't you want your 40th birthday party to be as memorable as possible? If so, the best way you can accomplish that is by making it awkward for you and your guests - but mostly your guests. So if you're willing to climb out of that socially acceptable birthday party box, and give your guests a time they'll never forget - no matter how hard they try - then try out a few of these suggestions.

corporate entertaiinmentCredit: barunpatro

Flash Mob

If you have a lot of friends with alpha-type personalities and are known as being "the life of the party", create a flash mob activity at some public location (a mall, grocery store, public park) that'll help them express all their life-giving attributes in a nicely choreograph dance or skit. Catching people off guard with a group dance will ensure fun for your guests, as well as providing a random group of people a healthy dose of entertainment. Pulling it off will take a bit of planning, and will also require dedication and practice to guarantee the big day goes off without a hitch, but if everything goes correctly, no will will forget your party - not even the security guard who rushes you out of the store. There are plenty of Youtube videos to help with inspiration, but just keeping it simple and short will ensure you won't get in trouble and add to the excitement. It'd be a good idea to ask for permission so that you wouldn't get in trouble though. Also, if you enjoy making a spectacle of yourself, the larger your group the better. Conversely, if planning a surprise party, having the guest perform a flash mob-type activity for the guest-of-honor is a great way to catch him off his guard.

Fear Factor Party Theme

If you feel your gag reflex isn't sensitive enough, plan a party that'll get yours and everyone else's a good workout. A fear factor party theme will inspire your guests to dry heave everytime they recollect your milestone event. There are ways you can cook normal foods and dress it up as something creepy or disgusting, but we're all adults here aren't we? Actually eat something you've never tried before - cow tongue, cockroaches, nightcrawlers - or at least anything you hadn't eaten since hitting puberty. And of course, if you don't feel like your guests would be up to it, you could always bake a dirt cake crawling with gummy worms as an alternative. But when they ask for milk, just be sure to pour from the expired milk carton and have everyone chanting "drink, drink!" for added motivational support.

Reality Show Party

Does the guest-of-honor have a reality show she enjoys watching? Is it impossible to pry her away from the TV when Big Brother or The Amazing Race comes on? Well, if that's the case, the most obvious party theme would be her favorite reality TV show. You can have a Big Brother style party with competitions and video-taped confessionals (the videos would double as party favors your guests can view later). Or you could host a Survivor party theme with tiki torches, outside games and a replica of the immunity idol featured on the show. Just model the games after the ones on the show in a nice remote location giving everyone that roughing-it-outdoors feeling.

What Life is About

If you're not into the whole wild 'n crazy party idea thing, you could always host a more refined 40th birthday party sure to please your more cultured tastes. But if you're like many people, turning 40 should be a fun and experimental occasion. You're only a decade away from the half-a-century mark and if you haven't eaten a cockroach by then, have you really lived?

Here are a few other strange and normal birthday party ideas: