Make it Strange

Once you've hit that milestone 60th birthday, it's safe to assume you've been around the block a couple times. You have a whole host of experiences and knowledge that you can share with the younger generation, yet you still want to be able to experience more of what life has to offer. Reaching this stage in life requires an awesome celebration, one that will be remembered by all who attend. And the best way to go about doing that is by adding a bit of strangeness to the event. Yeah, there are many ways you can go about planning a party for someone turning 60, but it's best to get to know the individual's personality so that the event can cater specifically to them. And of course being able to spend time with friends and family - all the generations that have spawned from their loins - and truly enjoying the lifetime of treasured memories they've provided is what these parties typically are all about. But if you're wondering how to go about planning a 60th birthday party that will be unforgettable in the truest since of the word, here are a few ideas that should help you out.

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Costume Party

Is anyone ever too old for a costume party? Well, it depends on the personality. But if you feel the individual is a bit theatrical in nature or has an open mind, this might bring even more crazy memories for the newly 60 year old. And sure, you could plan sort of a nostalgic costume party that represents yesteryear - maybe a 60's themed party fitting for the guest-of-honor, but what about a 2060's costume party? I bet when they were younger, there were mention of flying cars and teleportation devices by the time we hit the new millennium. Let's follow are ancestors by adjusting that theme and imagine what 2060 will look like. Who knows, we might actually have flying cars and laser guns by then. Everyone dressing up in weird and bizarre clothing would make people wonder if they're really at a 60th birthday party or if this is some kind of joke. How about donning an outfit from the timeless Jetson's cartoon, or one from a favorite Star Trek (or Star Wars, whichever your favorite space franchise) character. Of course, you can always do the traditional family birthday party at a nice restaurant, but imagine what people would think if you showed up to Applebee's in your costumes for a 60th birthday party! This would also make a great retirement party idea for those who want to leave with a bang.

Gag Party

Gifts that make people laugh are among the best to give at a party. If the person turning 60 already has everything, how about asking everyone to give gag gifts. And better yet, don't tell the guest-of-honor that all the gifts are jokes. Everyone presenting something that'll make fun of his age will either receive laughs all around, or earn someone a black eye. But of course, being aware of the individual's personality is a must when planning this kind of party. You don't want to give a female who is sensitive about her age a gag gift that makes fun. There are books that offer funny quizzes and clothing that have classic over-the-hill phrases that are sure to be a hit with the birthday boy. There are plenty of gift baskets, mugs and hats that are fashionable as well as funny too.


Fun Party Games

Games always liven up a party no matter what age a person is turning. If you were planning a nostalgia party but couldn't get everyone on the guest list, you could still pretend they're at the party. Sounds silly, doesn't it? But don't worry, it's still possible. Just play a game called "Mystery Guest". The idea is that someone stands behind a curtain and the guest-of-honor tries figuring out who the person might be. If info on various guests are hard to find, you could always do this with favorite celebrities that she grew up with. And of course, if you do find people, it'd make the game even more enjoyable. But just be careful their relationship didn't end on bad terms; you don't want a fight won't break out. Remember that when planning a nostalgia party, there are good memories as well as bad ones.

All About Them

Of course, these ideas should only be used if you feel it fits the personality of the guest-of-honor. The idea of a great party is to cater to their wishes and desires, keeping them the focus and not the party itself. Letting them know they're appreciated and that you enjoy spending time and having fun helps make the event a bit more special. Remember, it's not necessarily the gifts or the venue that makes a party unforgettable, but the people that they've touched during their lives.

Here are a few other strange and normal birthday party ideas

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