College tuition is a considerable investment for most individuals. Tuition costs increase almost every year and the majority of students will need financial help in order to acquire a college education. Numerous individuals apply for loans in order to attend college and when their education is complete they are in significant debt. For this reason it is wise to inquire about various scholarships that may be available.

 There are millions of scholarship dollars that go unclaimed every year because people are unaware that such funds are available and apply for student loans rather than seeking out such funds. Contrary to what many people may think, scholarships are available for students who are not athletes or straight A scholars. There are numerous strange scholarships for girls that are not in any of the aforementioned categories.

 One example of this is a scholarship available to twins. A female student with a twin is eligible for such a scholarship and numerous colleges in America provide discounts for twins. A fifty percent discount is offered by Sterling College in Kansas to twin girls who choose to enroll at this college. Atlanta's Morris Brown College also offers discounted tuition to twins.

 There are many students who feel that all the best college grants and scholarships go to athletic girls; however, one does not have to be an athlete to get a scholarships. Strange scholarships for girls who are not athletic include the Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship for those attending California's Bucknell University.

 Being short can present certain obstacles in life, but it can also have certain advantages. The Little People of America Association awards scholarships to girls under 4'10". In addition, girls who have a sister or brother who is a dwarf can apply for this scholarship. Such scholarships range from two-hundred and fifty to one-thousand dollars.

 There are also scholarships available for girls 5'10" tall and over. This scholarship is valued at five-hundred dollars and is referred to as the Tall Club International Scholarship. The applicant must simply write an essay about her feelings on being tall and of course, meet the height requirement.

 There are many health benefits associated with a vegetarian lifestyle, but many people would be surprised to know that acquiring a scholarship is one such benefit. Strange scholarships for girls include the Vegetarian Resource Group scholarship which offers one lucky girl each year a $10,000 scholarship for promoting a vegetarian lifestyle.

 Most girls are not particularly interested in bugs, but scholarships are available for those who do. Female students who like bugs can qualify for a $500 scholarship offered by the Lafointaine Aquatic Etymology Society.

 Numerous female students are trying to find affordable college tuition do not realize that there are many unusual and strange scholarships for girls. It pays to take the time to research the many options available rather than have to go into debt in order to acquire a college education.

 These and many more grants and programs are available for those who want to attend school but have limited financial resources. There are many strange grants and scholarships for which many girls may qualify and searching for them is time and effort well spent.