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Say hello to Scout Willis, perhaps better known as the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The actress made a huge splash in the headlines recently, unfortunately it was not due to winning an award or starring in a major movie role. Scout got into the news by freely walking around New York City topless. Now before you jump to any conclusions it should be explained that she did this to protest instagram deleting her profile. Still makes no sense to you? Well here's the reason why she was axed. Scout posted a photo of a T-shirt on the site that she designed, the shirt contained the image of two topless women in the front. The social site has a policy against nudity and therefore her profile was canned. 

Instagram has a problem with nudity, but why didn't NYC object to her strutting around half naked? Well in The Big Apple there is a law permitting women to walk topless in public as long as it is not being used for monetary gain. This strange law came about after women protested and demanded the right to go topless where ever it was legal for men to do so. 

New York City is not alone when it comes to strange laws, many wacky unknown laws exist in other areas. To make sure you are not breaking any, it is better to become familiar with some of them. Even the final episode of the well-known sitcom Seinfeld touched upon this issue. While in a small Massachusetts town, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer witnessed a pedestrian getting mugged. Jerry and his friends were later arrested for not assisting the victim under something called the "good Samaritan act". Of course the Seinfeld law may have been fictional but what other non-fictional unheard laws are out there? Well this article will touch on some.

No ProtestingKansasCredit: Google

In the state of Kansas it is illegal to picket at a funeral. Now you are wondering why would anyone think of doing such a thing at a moment like this. Well the law came to be thanks to Fred Phelps. This guy disagreed with homosexuality, he would frequently protest outside churches and funeral homes while services for homosexuals were taking place. The law was created to protect all grieving families. 

The H2O RuleArizonaCredit: Google

Thinking of opening a business in Arizona? Then you should know that it is illegal to refuse water to anyone who ask for it. The temperature here can reach 120 degrees in the summer and on many occasions the homeless can not find water to hydrate themselves. The law allows them to go to any establishment and ask for a drink of water without being refused. Many businesses have been reported breaking this law and they are fined.

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If you have ever gone to Hawaii, surely you enjoyed the white sandy beaches and all that the islands had to offer. However while there did you notice that there is one thing missing from this paradise? If you say billboards then you are correct, these advertisements are banned here. The islands depend on their beautiful scenery to attract tourist, therefore to make sure that views are not obstructed this law was put into place.

Don't Even Think About ItNew JerseyCredit: Google

If you are ever driving in the state of New Jersey and decide to fill up your tank, you can be fined for pumping your own gas. In the Garden State only station attendants are allowed to do this task. Many debates have arisen about how this became a law and why it is even enforced. Simply it could be due to the fact that gas stations in this area pay lower insurance rates when attendants are the only ones handling the gas pumps. Oregon is other state that enforces this law.

It Is Up For GrabsWest VirginiaCredit: Google

We have all seen road kill in the middle of the road. We may feel pity for the animal or feel sick from the sight as we drive by. In West Virginia citizens are allowed to stop, load up any road kill into their vehicles, and take it home for cooking. In this area some roads are not regularly cleaned by the Transportation Department, therefore the law was passed to help maintain these roads. In addition some citizens appreciate the taste of free meat because they may not earn enough to buy fresh meat. Don't worry you will not be thrown in jail if you refuse to carry home roadkill.

Now that you are aware of these laws make sure not to break any of them.