Laws are in place for a reason and there is no question  they are very much needed. But sometimes you need to just sit back and wonder what the lawmakers were thinking at a specific period in time when certain laws were created. We’re not talking about jail time for habitual traffic offenders or probation for getting into a fight. We’re talking some pretty outlandish laws that will make you laugh, make you mad and always make you wonder what  they were thinking. Let’s have a laugh together with a look at some of those crazy laws.

Alabama is one state that is responsible for several strange laws. For example, did you know that it is illegal to flick a booger into the air, or that you are not allowed to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket at any time? If those laws were strange enough, that’s not all! Also in Alabama, driving while blindfolded is illegal. That’s certainly nice to know.

Across the states into California, it is illegal for a woman to drive a motor vehicle while wearing a house coat, and if you live in Sunnyvale or San Jose, it is illegal for grocery stores to give you a plastic bag!

Virginia has their own set of strange laws. It was once illegal for  women to be tickled, and it was also illegal to have sexual relationships with the lights on. Another equally strange law in Virginia –in Culpepper residents are prohibited from washing a mule on a sidewalk.

In Idaho, a strange law put into effect was that riding a merry-go-round would be illegal. Many other strange laws also come out of Idaho including a law prohibiting fishing off of a camel’s back and a law that made it mandatory for anyone appearing in public to have a smile on their face.

 In Arizona if you commit a misdemeanor crime while wearing a red makes your charge is turned into a felony. In Michigan a law was put into effect that said women could not get a haircut without the prior permission of their husband, and a law in Tennessee makes it a crime to share your Netflix account password with another individual.

How strange are these laws? The funny thing about it  is that there are ton of other strange laws just like this in each and every one of the states!