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Happy New Year

It's that time of year again; time to look back at the previous year, remember the good and the bad times and vow to try to live a better life. That's what resolutions are supposed to be about, making positive changes, but some resolutions may not be so positive and can even be described as strange.

What will your New Year's resolutions be? Perhaps you will be one of the millions who choose the ever popular to lose weight, stop smoking, or get organized. Or maybe you will come up with an original resolution than might be considered a bit strange, just like the following - Strange New Year's Resolutions:


Self-Help Resolutions


Don’t get too Stressed-out

Take a deep breath and count to 10! Learning not to stress-out over things is one of the most important things you can do for your health.   

Stop being a Control Freak

Stop trying to control everything; take a 'chill pill.' Not only will things get done, but you will feel so much better. You will also have more time for yourself when you're not trying to micromanage everything.

Learn to Text Using Your Thumbs

This is for the over 30-something generation who uses their index finger to send text messages. Teens and people in their twenties can send 5 text messages using their thumbs for every 1 you send using your index finger. It's time to learn to use your thumbs, or better yet, use voice recognition (this is assuming your device can recognize your voice).


Learn or Do Something New Resolutions


Learn Useless Facts

Learning useless facts will be useful if you happen to find yourself on the game show Jeopardy. So, go ahead and start learning all those 'useless' facts.

Learn to Juggle

Start with a couple of balls than add a third, and after you get the hang of it, add more. Practice as often as you can; by the end of the year you might just get a job with the circus.

Grow Something from a Seed

The first thing you must do is to make sure whatever you grow is legal. Next, add your seeds to some soil and be patient. Something will eventually grow and when it does, you will be proud of yourself.

Learn to Skim Stones

This is much better than throwing stones.

Collect Golf Balls

Golf is so popular that you can find golf balls almost anywhere, and one of the best places to find them is in the lakes of any golf course – but make sure you have permission to get them.

Camp Out in your Backyard for One night

This is a fun summertime activity you can do with your kids, they will love camping outside! One of the great things about camping in your backyard is that you won't have to worry about bears…well, it depends on where you live.

Sing in Front of an Audience

Do you love to sing but only do it in the shower or privacy of your own home? It's time to get a group of friends together and get your karaoke on! 

Build the Ultimate Sandcastle

This is another fantastic activity to do with your children and/or friends. What could be more fun than a day at the beach? Decide what you want your sandcastle to look like and start building.  Remember to put on lots of sunscreen!


Dietary Resolutions


Go Vegetarian

Tired of meat, go vegetarian! You may find that a vegetarian diet is something you enjoy and can live with year after year. This is easier nowadays as more and more companies and restaurants are serving-up meatless versions of favorite dishes.  

Taste as Many Unusual Meats as Possible

Do you think you would like to try yak, ostrich, kangaroo, snake, crocodile and/or alligator? If so,  this could be the resolution for you. Tasting a variety of strange meats may increase your favorite food list and will certainly be a conversation starter!


It's All About You Resolutions


Become a Party King or Queen

If you love to party and enjoy being the center of attention aka "The king" or "Queen," this is the resolution for you. So, for all of you party animals out there, it's time to get the party started!

See Your Name in Print

If you write enough letters, one of them is bound to be printed in the local newspaper. If you want to challenge yourself further, try writing and submitting articles to your local newspaper or magazines. If you submit just one a day, you’ll have 365 chances to get something printed. Or, one of the best ways to see your name on an article is to write for InfoBarrel!

See Your Name in Lights

This may be a bit more difficult than seeing your name in print, however, one very easy way is to get some Christmas lights and spell your name out on your home or on a fence. This is the easiest way to see your name in lights.

Invent a New Trend

All those trends had to start somewhere, who says the next big one can't come from you?


On the Strange Side Resolutions


Never go barefoot on a Carpet Again

Keep your shoes, socks, or slippers on in carpeted areas. This is not such a bad idea when you think of how dirty some carpets can be, especially those in hotels or motels.

Say 'Woof' Everyday

If dogs can do it why can't you? If you practice enough, before you know it, you'll be able to incorporate the word "woof" into any sentence. "Woof, this is hard work." "I love your new outfit, woof!"

Become an Emo

Do you feel misunderstood and repressed? If so, you may want to become an emo. But before you do, be sure to purchase a lot of black clothes.

Say Yes to Every Person that Asks You Out

This could be a bit dangerous if you run into the wrong person. If there is a person you absolutely don't want to go out with, be sure to change the subject before they ask you out.

Poke People who Wear Glasses

This could get you in trouble so you may want to change the resolution to only poke people you know who wear glasses. Or, if you're daring and okay with poking strangers, find a way to poke them lovingly.

Replace Bad Habits with other Bad Habits

Do you smoke, replace that bad habit with eating fast food; just imagine the possibilities. While this might be fun for a month or two, I would recommend eventually replacing bad habits with good ones.


The Best New Year's Resolution


Stop Making New Year's Resolutions

Forget everything you’ve just read and stop making New Year's resolutions – especially strange New Year's resolutions!


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