As we all know, the internet holds a lot of strange things within its system. Anyone can put anything they want on the internet. Since the advent of blogs, people can put things ranging from highly useful information, to information on celebrities, to their most personal things due to the influx of "journal bloggers." Much like our own "regular" world consists of many different niches of people, products, and seemingly amorphic ideas floating around in the consciousness of the human world. As is evident, the internet is merely a reflection of our own thought processes. Sometimes this is a frightening reality, but other times it can be a wonderful thing which allows us to take full advantage of the interweb.  As such, you should know that there are really strange things to be found on the internet. And of course, as you have clicked into this article, you are well aware that there must be things which you can use and manipulate to make some extra money online.

1). Pay Per Click Search Engines

I can picture you slapping yourself in the face, with a slightly - moderately lowered jaw, as you become aware of the fact that you are able to make money while simply using your search engine. Major search engines, like Google and Bing, do not pay you to use them. Why is this? It seems like major search engines are able to constantly make money, but they do not have to put out that much in comparison. Quite a few search engines are around on the internet which are willing to pay you to use them. The payment is, inevitably, not very high; but let this be one of your passive, long-term money making methods. Remember: Not every money making concept is going to make you rich. However! If you pair multiple methods together, even if they are multiple low-paying methods; then you will be able to reap the benefits of having multiple sources of "low paying" income.

Consider this: You find a method to make $100 dollars in a month. This is not a lot of money in the long run, nor is it enough to supplement your income. Now, consider having 5 methods to making money; all from which you make $100 dollars a month. You are now making $500 dollars a month. You can easily see how this process is VERY beneficial! Not everyone get can rich from one method of making money, but MANY people can get rich by making a little money from multiple niche methods.

2). Amazon Mechanical Turk

I was intrigued about 2 weeks ago when I found out that Amazon provides a method of making money to users who are willing to perform relatively mundane tasks. As an individual seeking methods to making some extra money online, consider this your "second step" on the pedastool to making more money. In about a week I managed to make $15 dollars using Amazon Mechanical Turk. I primarily did surveys and participated in research studies (which were funded by some major colleges and universities, like Harvard). As a training psychologist, and an avid supporter of science in general, I feel that using Amazon Mechanical Turk is a learning experience for me in many ways as well because the content interests me in many ways. Of even more importance is the knowledge that, making money on here is not very time consuming! Just be wise and take "hits" (this is what jobs are called using the mechanical turk) which pay a decent amount of money. Some people will spend a lot of time working for pennies, whereas I only will spend time working for $.50 cents or higher. I would highly advise you check out the website, as my description will undoubtedly be lack and somewhat confusing.

3). Make Money Playing Video Games

Okay, this one is not as simple as you may hope; but it is very possible to make money while playing video games. Generally, money can be made testing video games online if you are lucky enough to find one of these jobs. Periods where you will be able to make some money tend to run around the alpha and beta phases of game development. These are the early and buggy periods of the game. If you are looking for work in this sort of job market, I would suggest looking for low-end indie developers; as it will be much easier getting in to test their games as opposed to a major company like Electronic Arts or Activision.

An alternative method to making money while playing video games comes from monetizing the value of in-game items and currency. You may have seen a few news articles over the past several years especially related to individuals selling currency in massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft and Runescape, and managing to make a decent amount of "real world" dollars in the process. I had a friend when I was younger who consistently purchased gold for his Runescape personality, at around $10 "real life" dollars for about 5,000 virtual gold pieces. Of course, I found this to be insane from a consumers point of view. However, there are many willing and able individuals who are very much ready to purchase virtual currency and virtual items. Insanely enough, there have even been a few people who have managed to horde in game items and currency; and manage to sell enough that they have become millionaires. In the online game Second Life, a woman by the name of Ansche Chung managed to be one of these millionaires by video game usage.

As you can well see, there are quite a few ways to make some legitimate money online. I will be fervently posting up new, often strange, methods to make money using the internet. I would highly suggest clicking on my name and checking out a few of my other money making articles if you enjoyed this one! I am constantly learning new things myself, and feel it to be my "calling" of sorts to share this information with everyone using InfoBarrel.