Let me be honest, I love the strange things found in this world. From truly absurd and weird things, like strange "freak show" creatures and performances, to strange scientific occurances like a volcanic eruption or the pulpation of our hearts (I find these to be strange at least), and even to things that are weird simply because they are unknown. As such, I find methods to making money online to be very strange; because so many people are seeking extra, often easy, money while using the internet. The internet has places within it that are like the deepest trenches in our oceans, or the distant reaches of outer space. These things are often difficult to find without the right equipment, and I hope I can provide you with a great list of resources that will not force you to go "under the microscope" and dig through pages and pages of Google links.

1). Make Money Using Fiverr

Okay, this one may not be too "strange" given the notoriety of this website; however you have to think just how strange Fiverr's business model is, and the products and services which can be offered at the single rate of...you guessed it...$5 dollars. Because of the relatively low price, many individuals can sell products and services which they may otherwise be unable too. As a prime example, I am forced to consider my own Fiverr exploits in the past few months. But first, let me give you a little background:

In the middle of May I had lost my job do to a medical condition, which rendered me fairly useless up until about a week ago (it is currently the end of July). During this period of time where I was cooped up inside and virtually unable to do anything, I decided to head out on the internet in seek of some extra money to support myself. As such, I found myself on Fiverr.

With that short background story given, let me continue. I moved onto Fiverr in hopes of finding an easy method of making some extra money. I was not expecting to make money that could supplement my paychecks working in retail, at virtually full-time hours. Within the first month I had made $100 dollars. Now, I have been working for around 2 months and have officially made $300 dollars. With some humor I laugh at this, as my girlfriend who works part-time has made less than me in recent weeks. Though this is not income which can take over all of your bills and so forth, it can really help make ends meet as it has done for me.

To expound, my primary gig which is extremely active (multiple orders a day) is simple me offering 20 comments on buyer's blogs. What sets me apart in this niche of business is my ability to provide high quality comments.

Using Fiverr, you can find your own niche and provide a product that is easy to do; and make a lot of money doing it.

2). Earn Money While Using Forums

Many of us who are active on the internet are likely active on at least one internet forum. I find myself frequently using the website Reddit, as it is genuinely the most intriguing forum I have ever stumbled upon. It is amusing and humerous as much as it is informative on a variety of topics. We all have our reasons for using online forums, but since we are already using them; why not take advantage of an interesting money making opportunity and learn how to make money while doing what we would do anyways?

The first method I would suggest when it comes to making money while using an internet forum is to go on a major forum (like Reddit) and seek out individuals who are starting up forums of their own. They will often advertise in some way, and may be more than willing to pay per comment or in a lump sum just for being active. This is often the most difficult period of time for start up forums, and incentivizing the initial users is a great mutual way for both the forum starter to get some activity on his website; and the individuals in need of some extra money to actually make some.

The second method I would suggest is get yourself into a position to moderate a forum. You may be surprised, but some major forums are willing to pay their esteemed users to moderate. For many, this small responsibility can be really exciting; and make your internet usage a lot more interesting. Just like having a great job in the "regular world", having the opportunity to moderate a forum can be a fun experience. You get to have power over other users, and can potentially get paid to have it!

Though there are undoubtedly many other ways to use forums to your financial advantage, these are just a few suggestions. With a little creative thinking, I am sure you can think of your own ways to capitalize internet messaging boards.


I hope I have been able to elaborate on both Fiverr and online message boards, and your ability to make money while using them. These are strange outlets for making money because they are, almost literally, right under your nose. We all use forums in our day to day life, generally as a form of communication with others anonymously; as well as for an opportunity to talk about things we don't frequently get to talk about with the people we know. Gigs on Fiverr are very similar for many people as well. In my own life, I have found myself frequenting commenting on blogs and websites, so I thought capitalizing on these comments could be a fun addition to my own life. Many others also use their skills and perform activities they typically do any ways, such as playing their guitar, writing a song, posting links on Facebook, and so on. There are many methods to utilize both Fiverr and forums to make money.