Strappy black heels are an instant head turner and confidence booster.

It doesn't matter if you're stepping out of a limo to your own movie premier or simply enjoying a night out, a pair of strappy black high heels will get you - and your feet - noticed. As a result, you'll feel confident, powerful and most of all, highly attractive. There aren't too many shoes that can do that!

Strappy black heels are the shoe equivalent of the classic "Little Black Dress." Every woman should have a pair of black high heels in her closet. But not just any pair - the only ones that will fit this bill are ones that bring out your best inner and outer beauty. Women understand how this works (sorry guys, you probably won't get it all all...), and the ladies also understand that the perfect pair of strappy heels can really put the "wow" factor into any outfit.

That's why celebrities show up to major award ceremonies wearing strappy heels. They "pop" like no other shoe can. As a result, they foster an air of femininity and confidence at the same time. When Angelina Jolie stepps onto the red carpet, she isn't wearing a pair of flats, is she? Nope. Nor does Sandra Bullock show up in a dressy pair of athletic shoes. Trust me, these women celebrities have entire fashion teams working on their outfits - there's a reason why they choose strappy heels almost every single time.

Every Woman Should Have A Pair Of Strappy Black Heels

Like I said early, black strappy heels are equivalent to the classic LBD (little black dress). They are perfect for almost any formal, semi-formal or even casual occasion. They're perfect for date nights, cocktail parties, awards ceremonies and even dances. That's an awful lot of mileage from one pair of heels - chances are no other shoe in your closet will work so well in such a wide range of social occasions.

That doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on them, though. Far from it. The two examples below cost less than $40!

Strappy Black HeelsThis strappy black heel by Pleaser costs about $38. It's as simple as it is elegant. Its classic black color and sexy - yet classy - lines make it perfect for a wide range of situations. The six inch heel is the ideal hight for creating a taller, straighter posture without going over board. As you can tell, it's completely open toe (as all strappy heels are), so it's great for showing off your pedicured toenails.

Don't be surprised if you start inventing reasons to go out once you've got a pair of these in your closet. While they certainly aren't a major designer label, most people won't know the difference. And besides, the fact that they're not made by an expensive designer is actually in your favor - wouldn't you be a little nervous about wearing heels that set you back hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars? At less than $40 per pair, that's definitely not an issue here. Worst-case scenario: You completely ruin - but are able to have a new pair delivered to your home within days without hurting your checkbook.

If you want a little more "Bling" on your feet...

Strappy Black Rhinestone HeelsThese strappy black heels with rhinestones by DbDk cost just under $40. They also feature very feminine lines and an elegant design. They're made from black patent leather and feature a double row of rhinestones lining the front. They're the perfect, low cost solution for those who prefer a little more glitz in their life.

The rhinestones will definitely catch people's attention, so be ready for complements and the usual barrage of "Where did you get those?"

Both of these heels are great bargains at under $40. And while your personality will likely help you gravitate towards one over the other, the point is that either pair of these black strappy heels will help you feel sexy, elegant and confident.