How Can I Earn Money Online at Different Websites Without Going Crazy?

For those who are first starting to dip their toes into the world of earning money online, it can be incredibly overwhelming.  First, finding a place to start can be a challenge, as there are so many mixed reviews about each site. Those who earn money love a site, while those who do not earn anything think it is a waste of time or some kind of scam.  Which one is true? 

Then once you have starting writing on one particular site, when do you decide to move on and place your articles on another?  Or should you start your own blog or website?  

Is there a way to juggle all of your online real estate and still maintain your sanity? 

As a mompreneur who not only juggles two real-life part-time jobs, volunteer work, a family and a plethora of other activities, it can be a challenge to keep up with everything.

But I do (most of the time).  

How do I do it?  Read on!

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Strategy #1 Create a Schedule

If you were a Little House on the Prairie fan, you might remember that Ma Ingalls had a housework schedule. Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Mend on Wednesday, etc. kept the household running efficiently and helped the family survive.

As an organized person, I love schedules.  My classrooms have always been run on a tight one, as there are only so many hours in a day and the school districts always loaded more curriculum into them.

If you plan on juggling multiple online real estate, then making a schedule that works for you will help you keep everything in top condition.  Because I substitute teach and have been called in as late as thirty minutes before school starts, all of my plans can go out the window in a moment’s notice.  So a daily “to do” schedule does not work for me, but the following does:

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I typically write articles in the morning between 9-12, as that is when my house is quiet-the kids are in school and my husband is at work.  He comes home for lunch, breaking my concentration.  On the rare occasion when has a business lunch and doesn’t come home, I can work until 1:30 before I am too tired to write another word.

After lunch, I research ideas for articles or update older ones, as that is not as taxing on my brain as writing a new article is.  Writing at night is rare, as there is simply too much going on and my family deserves my time.

Strategy #2 Focus on One Site at a Time

I have always believed that when you begin your online writing career, you need to develop a portfolio of 100 articles to start earning real money.  It has been a benchmark for me on every site at which I write.  In fact, the sites where I have fewer than 100 articles provide me with a significantly smaller income compared to the others. 

So once you have 100 articles or more on different sites, which one do you work on first? 

This question has no correct answer, as everyone has a different portfolio of articles.  For me, this past February was my Zujava month, as I participated in the 28 leaves in 28 days challenge. To give myself a break, I updated seasonal articles on other sites as needed, but my main focus was there.

You do not have to focus on one website or blog for an entire month.  Maybe you can devote a week to Zujava, a week to InfoBarrel, and another week to Squidoo.  That way you touch base everywhere and still keep all of your balls in the air.

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Strategy #3 One Niche at a Time

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One of the things I like about writing on different content platforms, as well as my own blogs, is that I can take a niche and write about it from many different angles.  For example, I found an awesome Girl Scout product on Amazon, but it was not article worthy. I did write a short blog post about it and made some sales.   

I then included it on two other articles on two different sites to help promote even more sales.

When I find a good niche, I do not write about it on only one site.  I spread the love, using what I know about the strengths of each site to write the best article I can.  By staying in a niche, you can be more productive, as your mind is staying in one place.  You are not taxing your brain by having too many different ideas all jumbled up in your head.

Strategy #4 Just Do Something!

Life happens.  Sometimes you do not achieve the goals you set out to do for the day, week or month.  Does that mean it is time to give up the ship?

Heck no!

I was probably my least productive between mid-December until late January.  My older daughter was home from college, it was the holiday season, the stomach flu had a party in my home, we had endless snow days and delayed openings…I had no time to just sit and write in the quiet that I require to do my work.

While I did mange to sneak in some time to write a few short articles, most of my time was spent updating and researching.  Time wasted is not something you will ever get back.  Use your time wisely so when you do have large chunks to accomplish big tasks, you are ready for it!

Don’t make excuses why you cannot do it, find reasons to motivate you to write!