Is money so tight that even pennies are starting to scream? Are you having trouble finding strategies to save money? Are you out of ways to make money, but still want to save money. Below are a list of strategies to save money.

Things You Will Need



Step 1


Cooking, and walking can be different strategies to save money. Stop eating out, cook at home and save leftovers. Walk when you can instead of driving to save money. Always use coupons, if it's not on sale or you don't have a coupon, do not buy it. Start a garden. Buy powered milk and mix it with the ready bought milk, put it back in the container so no one notices a difference. Cut back on soda, instead make a gallon of iced tea.

Step 2

Use the internet to get free samples in order to save money. It may sound silly, but you may not have to buy deodorant or toothpaste for months. Use several email addresses, one to use solely for getting free samples, this may help to eliminate spam in your inbox. You may even get free samples from Victoria Secret, Arie, Aeropostal, or Charlotte Russe. You may get coupons for free 2 liters of soda, frozen entrees, large bottles of shampoo and gallons of ice cream. Anticipate a little thrill when you check out at the grocery store with a huge order and only have to pay tax. You are not making money, but you certainly are saving money.

Step 3

Use online coupons, the newspaper and surveys as strategies to save money. The newspaper costs money and the coupons in the paper may not always have high savings. Join a few online coupon sites. You may notice that the ones clipped from the paper are usually for less value than the ones you find online. Use a free cycle website. This is a site where you can give or get free stuff daily. Look in the giveaway section of your local newspaper. You may get a free grill, a free swing set, sandbox and a huge above ground swimming pool, I did. Take online surveys for extra cash. Not a source of income, but you may not mind a 5 dollar check coming in the mail once in awhile.

Tips & Warnings

Don't forget to check out and purchase the buy one get one frees at the store.

Just because an item is on display with a big sign does not mean that the item is on sale.

Always use a coupon and don't forget to check out the free sample sites. You will save more than you think