Getting the best deal on Black Friday will require strategy and planning. There will be tons of deals around the city, in many different stores, so you will have to narrow down your focus, and choose the most important deals for you. To choose the best deals, go through the papers and advertisements for Black Friday, and mark each of the items that you want. The store with the largest number of desirable items for you should be your store of choice. To get these store deals, you will have to wait in line on the night of thanksgiving, so make the proper preparations to leave after the Thanksgiving meal to wait for your items. Line waits will vary by city and store, but for the most part, expect to arrive well before midnight. - Atlanta

Getting the best deal on black friday is really about knowing what a good deal is. Some stores I believe don't even save you much. When I went last year, I saw some of the prices and instantly thought I could get them cheaper online. Since it only comes once a year, I expect things to be ridiculously cheap which isn't always the case and on the things that are a good deal, they are usually gone by the time I get a chance. Usually I don't see high rated name brand products cheap either which is what I personally would want. In my opinion, it's usually not worth the hassle but it's kind of a fun and interesting experience. - Conover

Getting deals on Black Friday is enticing so it counts as an excuse to go shopping. I do not expect to get much savings on Black Friday at all. As of the past two or three years, I've been seeing declines on sales and deals compared to the past. Retailers are no longer willing to part with deep discounts for Black Friday. The kind of products that I get Black Friday deals on are usually movies and games and various electronics. Some Black Friday deals are worth the hassle, such as DVD boxsets, movies in general and video games because they are more likely to offer a steeper discount. Clothing is also normally a great option for Black Friday deals. There really isn't any strategy to Black Friday. I find something I want and show up to the line as early as possible. If I don't make it in time, then I shop online which is a lot easier than going out to the store. - Avondale

Getting the best deals on black Friday sales can be very tricky. First, you have to have a plan set in place. Decide what stores have the most items you desire and what time you need to be there to catch the best deals. You can also shop online on black Friday and get even more deals. I have found the best way to save the most money on the most items is to recruit family and friends when shopping. This way you can split up shopping lists and even stores to make shopping easier and sometimes even fun. Last year I saved almost a thousand dollars on the items I purchased.- Richlands, VA

Getting the best deal requires planning. You have to know what stores are opening at what time and what time you should be there. Lately though, a lot of good Black Friday deals were online. Wal-mart gives really good deals on electronics and home items. I expect really good savings to be up that early! If you really want an item, it is most definitely worth the hassle. I think the deals must be a good percent off or not as many people will buy it. I remember last year they had a touchscreen android phone for $45, well that’s a great deal because it comes with service, it was sold out quick too. Most places come out with a black Friday ad, so look at it and know where to be when that sale is on! - San Francisco

Getting the best deals on black friday starts with months of planning and preparation. Knowing when and where to shop is key, and hints are often given from participating companies through advertisements, online deals and newspaper articles. Along with knowing when and where to shop, knowing what items to look for can be a great help on finding wonderful deals. Older generation electronics, last season clothing and older video games and gaming consoles are a great starting point. These items are often in high demand on black friday and are often sold much quicker and cheaper than many other items. - Los Angeles

Getting the best deal on Black Friday means going to outlet malls for midnight openings. They not only mark things down for Black Friday but all of the merchandise is already at reduced outlet prices. And most times they offer vouchers or coupons at their doors as well. The first year I went I not only purchased a thirty dollar baking set for two dollars, but because of multiple discounts, coupons I was able to get a hundred and sixty dollar luggage set for only sixteen dollars. Retail stores only offer certain deals on specific items but an outlet mall has such a wide variety that you're sure to find a good deal on items that you need or want. - Glenview

Getting the best deal on Black Friday is not the same that it used to be. You can find better deals throughout the year on typical items such as televisions and other personal electronics. It has become more of a headache trying to get into the stores, fighting over the minimum required items available, than to pay attention to specials year round. With the increased availability of closeout items available at online stores you can save yourself the hassle and make easy purchases from the convenience of your home. There are websites such as Amazon that will keep track of your general inquires and send an email when there is a special or when there is a price decrease. I believe this is much better than fighting the crowd on Black Friday. - Columbia