Everyone has a different idea about how to clean windows. I remember the first big window I cleaned for a video store named Adventure Video in Preston, Idaho. The owner asked me if I wanted to clean the windows at the store. I needed the money so I said what the heck, might as well. Well one thing you don't do is use Windex and a roll of paper towels. Oh my gosh what a mess I had, streaks everywhere. This works great for the bathroom mirror or a small window but not for large house windows.

So I decided to seek out the professionals, so I watched-a short video put out by Aslett Cleaners. The owner of this world wide cleaning company is Don Aslett. I thought of him as a good model to follow, especially because he was my scoutmaster in 1976 just before he became famous. So this guy was using a sponge and a squeegee to clean the windows. Wow they were so graceful..

My question is what is the magic miracle in the water that makes these windows look so nice when he is don? This is what I found from running my own window cleaning business for several years and interviewing countless other professionals.

There really is no secret formula. This magic solution consists of some warm water in a bucket, if possible, or cold water out of the hose works okay too. Add a few drops of either Dawn or Joy dish soap and that's it. Either will work, because both of these soaps are excellent grease cutters. I have tried several generic brands but none work as well for clean streak free windows than Dawn or Joy.

Another thing you can do that I learned as a little trick to the trade is to pour in just a little bit of rubbing alcohol. I found when I added the rubbing alcohol that it was much more difficult to get streaks.

What is the best way to remove a small streak from a newly cleaned window pain? The answer is simple, your hand. Just place your fingers over the streak and rub back and fourth vigorously. This is an excellent way to remove small streaks and give you nice clean streak free windows. So save your money,don't go and buy a bunch of fancy cleaners to clean your house windows. A $3.00 bottle of dish soap, a $2.00 bottle of rubbing alcohol water and a bucket. This is enough cleaning products to clean your windows at your own home for years to come.