If your PS3 is connected to your big screen TV with an awesome sound system but all your films are on your PC that has a small screen and tiny speakers? Well here's a quick 'How to' that will guide you through streaming all that media you have stored on you PC onto your PS3. It's really easy!

What you need

This should really be stating the obvious but you will need...
  1. A PC with Windows Media Player 11
  2. A PS3
  3. A Router that both are already connected too
  4. Some media

The Guide

The first thing you should do is switch both your ps3 and pc on.

With the PS3 you should navigate the XMB to Settings. Then right at the bottom go into Network Settings. Once again at the bottom is Media Server Connection. Click this and Enable.

Now navigate back to the Video menu. You should now see "Search for Media Servers" and possible the name of a computer/server on your network.

The next stage you need to load up Windows Media Player. Click the little arrow below Library and then Media Sharing...


You will now get the screen (as shown in the picture below). If you get a screen before this just click allow and then this screen will show. Next tick the two boxes under Sharing settings. You may have noticed an Unkown Device show up in the white box. This is your PS3. Click on it and the press Allow. Finally press Apply.


If all has work you should now be able to go back to your PS3 and your computer's name will have appeared. Simply browse through this option on the PS3 to find all your media. Windows Media Player can now be closed and your PS3 will continue to stream the media. But don't turn off your computer.
Playstation 3 Media

If you do want to turn off your computer you can always copy the media to the PS3's hard drive. Simply find the file on your PS3, click Triangle and press copy.

As a final note. The PS3 doesn't support all the file types that Windows Media Player does.