Christmas Gift Shopping Tips

Most Practical Ways to Shop for Christmas Gifts

Whether you are the type who enjoys shopping or someone who loathes it, put yourself in a better state of mind. When you shop, imagine the person you are giving the gift to and recall some of the special qualities in that person that you like and admire. This simple exercise would help to keep the special gift-giving spirit, make the task more pleasant, and prevent irritations from crowds or commercialism.

Chistmas gifts

Here are some tips to use during your shopping trips:

 Be kind to yourself. Do not worry about how glamorous you appear when you go Christmas shopping; be comfortable. Wear walking shoes, a sweater, and a light coat. You could always take the coat or sweater off so it won't weigh a ton on your tired shoulders.

Take breaks on your Christmas shopping excursion when it is an all-day trip. Get a glass of juice after about an hour and a half, then stop for a fun lunch break at an great restaurant, continue for about another hour and a half, and then have another drink to quench your thirst before going home again.

Have your packages wrapped and/or delivered if the store offers this service.

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Whenever possible, do not carry all your Christmas packages with you all day. Periodically return to your car and place them in your locked trunk for safekeeping and to lighten up your load. However, it is not ideal that you leave packages where they can be readily seen as in a station wagon or hatchback.

Streamline your purse and pockets so they do not I weigh 15 pounds, leaving just the essentials like I keys, wallet, checkbook, credit cards, comb, and lipstick, and as your gift list. If you carry a purse, tuck it snugly below your arm to lessen the chance of it being stolen.

Pay for your purchases with check where possible. bringing plenty cash is risky and credit purchases entice us to overspend during the holidays.

Check the newspaper for Christmas bargains in all the major shopping stores—particularly for items that are on your list. Special sale days are great for shopping but stores are a great deal crowded. Instead, use these days to make extra-short trips just to buy those items on sale that you actually need.

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Preplan your Christmas shopping trip by writing down the shops you wish to visit and map an consistent shopping route to save backtracking. Abide by this same rule in the larger department stores—don't shop on the main floor, the second floor, the main floor again, and then the third floor. Plan ahead to know precisely what departments you want to visit.

Although it might be amusing to do Christms shopping with a friend, it's advisable to go alone on the big shopping trips. A lot of precious time is lost waiting for your friend or going to stores that aren't on your list. This same rule applies to your kids—it is more thoughtful to leave them at home.

Keep all sales slips and price tags. Write the name of the item and the person to whom the Christmas gift was given on the back of your receipt just in case you need to return whatever merchandise. Also, keep warranties and laundering or other instructions, and make sure that the tag points which items these relate to.

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Beware of questionable shop-by-mail enticements and never send cash via the mail. Be careful about deceitful charity collections, which abound at this time of year.

Try to do your Christmas shopping at reputable retail outlets when there is a chance that the item bought may need to be returned. Ask about the store's returns policy and decide for yourself whether the item is worth the risk that you can't return it in case of malfunction or other problems.

Understand warranties before you purchase. This saves frustration afterwards in case of defective merchandise.

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