Street self defence is the answer to dealing with real street attacks and assaults. I have studied and trained in martial arts for over 20 years and continue to do so but I know most would work in real situations. Aside of the actual techniques, formal training rarely prepares you for a real street attack.

Martial arts like aikido, taekwondo and judo weren't designed for the type of situations we may encounter today. Being attacked either by one person or a gang needs a whole different approach. Years of training in traditional classes and martial arts courses just aren't the answer and we need another solution.

In a real street fight is it right to use dirty fighting moves? I believe yes if it's about your survival. A martial art like aikido is fantastic for throwing or pinning down a person but to be honest to get to the point of being really effective takes years of training. Even then there are much quicker and more direct moves and techniques to get the job done and protect yourself.

In a real street fight I believe anything goes if your health or even life are under threat. There are even times it's right - and in fact necessary - to be the first to attack. I suggest 'soft' targets are the points to go for by whcih I mean the nose, groin, neck and even eyes. Our intention isn't to cause injury or harm it's simply to shock and surprise the attacker and buy time to either get away, call for help or deliver further blows or stikes. These techniques are commonplace in aikido and ninjitsu and are referred to as 'atemi.'

If you are keen to attend classes and formally study a martial art I would recognise krav maga for street self defence. This once highly secretive martial art method has now spread and chances are there will be a class near you. There are no fancy flourishes or flowing 'dance' moves in krav maga – it's a real world fighting system for today.

I am not against traditional martial arts training and continue to do so myself. Martial arts such as karate, aikido, kung fu and judo offer a range of wonderful benefits for men, women and children. Some of these benefits include getting and keeping in shape, developing self discipline, improving self confidence and learning respect. But for real self protection I believe street self defence is the way forward. 



Martial Arts for Street Self Defence