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Fat Loss Takes Place As You Gain Muscle

When I worked part-time as a personal trainer.  Most of my clients were women.  I trained older women, young women, housewives, professional women; you name it.  99% of the women I trained all wanted the same thing which was to lose weight.  I can only remember 1 person wanting to gain weight.  This person was extremely thin.

As a good personal trainer I made the suggestions about proper nutrition and how that is the most important part of the game. No matter what you do in the gym if your diet is not correct it is all a waste of time. After we discussed nutrition and ways to blast fat through diet  to a limited extent as I am not a licensed nutritionist. We began discussing our work out regiment. 

When It was time to begin weight training women would always tell me they didn't want to get bulky or look like a man.  This is a misconception because women lack the testosterone levels necessary to obtain a bulky look.

Weight training is a great weight to burn fat.  For every extra lb of muscle you carry you will burn an extra 30-50 calories a day.  Also, when your body is recovering the weight training you continue to burn calories.  Cardio of your choice whether it is walking, running, elliptical, spinning or whatever is a great way to build your calorie deficit.  However, this is only good while you are doing the activity. 

The only way a woman can really change her body is by using weights and a good way to burn fat through weights is with Compound Movements.  These are exercises that use a lot of the body all at once.  The dead lift and squat is a good example. Some say these are a "man's exercises."  Not so.  What man can do any woman can do!  Also, train with heavy weights at low sets and reps and you will avoid a "big" look and you will get hard, strong and lean.  You won't get big anyway because women lack the physiology to do that anyway.  These compound movements are hard and if you do them with little rest in between you begin to breathe heavy and get a bit of cardio training as well.

But I was told to train light with high reps:  This is a stereotype because women are perceived as weak and fragile. I would like anyone to tell Jennifer Salinas one of the boxing coaches at La Boxing that and see what she says!

I hope this serves as a good starting point for you to lose weight and sculp yourself. Remember, weight lifting will not make you "big" but it will give you a firm, sexy look that will burn calories all through the day.  You will feel better about yourself all around.


Good Luck



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