Everything around us is immediate.  It started with our food then it evolved to communication.  We can text and e-mail and expect an answer within minutes if not seconds.  Social media and technology has distorted our view of time and the appreciation for silence.

We’re constantly competing for position.  We view our self –worth as reliant upon the perspective of others and because of this we neglect other aspects of our lives in order to feed this false pretense of affirmation.  This ultimately begins the takeover of the inflammation and oxidative stress process.  It’s been well documented what inflammation does to our body in forms of sickness and disease so here are few ways to stress less.

Whether you are single or married and living in a house hold of whatever number it might be it is important to find “you” time.  Utilize this “you” time to let your mind escape, collect your thoughts from the happenings of the day and allow yourself to unwind.  The mind is a powerful tool and if you don’t let it release peacefully then it will force the tension out in other ways.  So get yourself some “you” time.

Appreciate the arts.  What I mean by this is listen to music, take up painting as a hobby or peruse the local art galleries.  Studies show that the arts can help relieve that stress so tune in and paint your life with stress free strokes. 

Unclutter your environment.  Just as I said to unwind your mind the same principle applies to your environment.  Clutter creates chaos.  Chaos creates stress.  Spring-cleaning in the winter gives the same cleansing accomplishment no matter the month so have a yard sale, donate to the Goodwill or sell stuff online.  The ultimate goal here is to get your physical domain organized.

Positive attracts positive so if you have a goal or a dream then surround yourself with those that support and motivate you.  It can be extremely stressful to fend off the negativity of those who can’t dream for themselves and wants nothing more to ruin the dreams of others.

Give.  It doesn’t have to be a lot but when you give to others and see the appreciation it does a lot to your soul.  It’s our soul that will defend us from stress.  Just remember that the ego is the kryptonite of the soul.  So feed your soul not your ego.

While these unconventional ways to relieve stress may sound like motivational tips you’ll find that they often run in parallel with one another.  Relieving stress isn’t always found poolside because if you’re head isn’t clear you’ll just be stressed out under the sun.  No fun.  Life is about appreciation not depreciation.  Each day should increase in value so don’t let stress pull you towards an internal recession.  Stress-less.