Firstly lets face some of the facts about the workplace before we look at how to deal with stress at work/work related stress.

Having a job in itself is stressful, especially in these ultra competitive times where everyone has to look over their shoulder.

Having a job that is not stressful or in a stressful environment is in itself very unusual!

Having a job where you get on with your co-workers, supervisors and managers is like hitting a seam of gold in an old mine. Don't abandon it!

At times you probably feel that despite your best efforts and intentions everyone around you is either dis-satisfied or unhappy. At times the reasoning behind this can be beyond your understanding as nothing you do feels appreciated. You may feel that you cannot gel with your co-workers and that some of them actively dislike you or even resent you. You may feel that your line managers and supervisors scapegoat you and use you as a blame target when things go awry.On top of this you may feel bogged down by the stress of traveling to work each day, not to mention any problems that may co-exist in either your personal relationships or home life. Now you can see where just one or two of these issues begin to build the bricks that become a wall of workplace work related stress.
So who should be blamed for all this? The co-workers? The other drivers? Your Boss? No...if you want to know who to blame take a look in the mirror. If you allow the stress to take control you are your own worst enemy. Stress management is achievable and you can achieve it.

There is an old story about a well educated man who ran from work, ran from home and found himself at the home of a mystic. The mystic asked him what he wanted and the man told him he had come to find paradise. The mystic told him to go back to where he had come from and create his own paradise within himself.
In order to beat stress, to manage it you have to be able to analyze your stress, look at its origins and then snip away at the negative emotions and forces one at a time. Remember the mind doesn't exist as a physical entity and is separate from the brain. The mind has no mass, no measurements so therefore if it doesn't exist as an entity then neither does the stress. The mind is like a ball of yarn composed of thoughts and emotions, identify the bad ones and snip them out.

There are many coping mechanisms for removing negative emotions including finding creative outlets such as painting or writing...even writing articles for infobarrel! You can also immerse yourself with the creativity of others by reading, listening to music, watching films or sport, visiting museums and galleries. Anything that enhances positive thoughts and slowly erodes the negative ones.

At work be calm, think positive and with self belief and in no time stress at work and workplace related stress will fade into the background of your life.