Stress balls are a simple but profound concept. In a small, hand-held squeezable form, you can achieve what amounts to a profound bit of relaxation. Aside from their portability, stress balls also offer other benefits. They are wonderful constructive toys to aid in concentration for those who are tactile learners. Stress balls are also excellent devices for aiding in recovery from many different injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome.

As a form of stress relief, the simple stress ball has existed for centuries in one version or another. While ancient forms were obviously not as advanced as the modern rubberized forms, most cultures had some type of small hand held stress relief item. Worry stones and small hand held idols were often rubbed with the thumb and forefingers to alleviate stress and worries throughout the day. With the invention of the Koosh Ball, the modern stress ball was born. The crazy colors and interesting textures of the Koosh ball make it ideal as a stress relief toy.

While many children who have a tactile learning style are often mistakenly labeled as ADHD, the use of items that provide tactile stimulation during the learning process helps dramatically. If you or someone you know has a difficult time sitting still through lectures or long meetings without fidgeting, consider taking along a stress ball or other form of tactile stimulation. Something so simple can profoundly effect one's ability to retain information and learn in an environment that would otherwise tax the learning process. If your child is a tactile learner, consider speaking with the teacher about possible solutions such as allowing your child to play with a stress ball in class.

Besides relieving stress and aiding in concentration, stress balls are also used by physical therapists to aid in recovery from different types of injuries. Therapeutic stress balls are calibrated to provide different levels of resistance. Depending on the type of injury sustained, the physical therapist may prescribe a set of progressive resistance stress balls as well as a variety of exercised to perform. These exercises combined with resistance will help build strength back to the hands and wrists after recovery from an injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stress balls have a truly amazing range of uses. Is this everything you need to know about stress balls? Certainly these are some things to consider. The simple stress ball is so much more than a free toy to pick up at the latest convention. They styles and designs of this little toy have exploded in complexity including the design and creation of therapeutic quality stress balls. So the next time you need to concentrate or relax, pick yourself up a stress ball and keep it with you in your purse or briefcase. The rewards are many and the cost is negligible. Heck, you can even make your own stress ball!