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Stress may strike anywhere and any time of the day. It may be triggered because of a traffic jam or while you are doing an intricate task. Most of the time, during these moments you can’t walk away and cool-off. But, don’t worry. There are numerous stress management activities you can do to cope during these stressful situations.

As you read further, you will notice that most of these anti-stress activities are free and easy to do. So, without further ado, here is a list of stress management techniques you can do anywhere and any time of the day.  

Compose Your own Mantra or Affirmations

Stress can surround you an overwhelming negativity even if you are an optimist. Once, you feel pressure, you tend to develop self-doubt. This can easily aggravate your stressed state of mind. To fight this negative atmosphere, you have to use positive reinforcements. Hence, the first on the list of stress management techniques that you can use any time and anywhere is composing your very own mantra or affirmations and repetitively recite it during stressful situations.

There are actually several studies that can support this concept. One in particular is a published study found in the “Journal of American College Health” wherein it was concluded that depression in women is evidently decreased through positive affirmations. This is because through this method, you can enhance your self-esteem and at the same time control your negative emotions.

In creating your mantra or affirmation, you have to make it short and realistic. You can also use your goals in life as a mantra to remind you why you have to strive, fight and finish your tasks. To give you more ideas, here are some phrases or statements you can use.

  • “I am a leader”
  • “I will be successful”
  • “Winner’s don’t quit”
  • “I can finish this”

Shake, stretch and straighten-up

Basically, people under stress tend to slouch and have so much weight on their shoulders. This could lead to insufficient oxygen flowing in your blood and brain because of restricted breathing. Once this happens, your muscles start to tighten causing muscle tensions, amplifying pressure and panic.

One effective stress management techniques you can do any time and anywhere is to shake your hands, stretch your muscles and sit or stand straight. This activity will make sure that you get proper oxygen circulation, loosen your tight muscles and finally achieve a relaxed state of mind.

So, next time you feel like having a panic attack or you are under too much pressure, don't make it worse by slouching. Just shake it off, do some stretching exercises and after a few minutes feel relieved.


As mentioned earlier, your muscles will tighten during stressful situations. Sometimes, you may also experience neck and back pain. With that being said, self-massage is an excellent method  you can do to relax and loosen these tight muscles.

One simple way to do a self-massage and feel relaxed is to rub the core of your palms with your thumb in a circular motion. Another is to gently apply pressure on your shoulders and neck with your hand. You can also use self-massage tools if you are at home or work. 


Most people perceive daydreaming as unproductive. But, if it  is done less frequently and at the right time or situation, it is considered one of the best stress management techniques you can use.

VisualizationCredit: Image courtesy of Pezibear -

The main concept  here is to replace stressful moments with peaceful and calming images through visualization. This is actually recommended in pregnant women during child births. But, this is also applicable in different stressful scenarios where your 100% attention is not imperative.

To visualize, you just have to imagine your dream vacation or create your very own fantasy world when your feeling so much pressure. But, remember, this method is only applicable in situations where your productivity is not on the line such as anxiety attacks or before going on stage presentations. If you are cramming and you start visualizing, you may end-up  with a lot of unfinished work.


Last in the list of stress management techniques that you can do any time and anywhere is aromatherapy. There are a lot of essential oils that produce calming effects when sniffed or inhaled. Once you inhale these types of oil, it will stimulate your brain to release hormones that will help you relax. In addition to that, you can also use these oils for massages to loosen your tight muscles.

As of today; you can buy essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender that are placed in small vials. This will allow you to use it anywhere and any time stress strikes.

With that, you can choose and do any of these stress management techniques to calm yourself whenever you are under so much pressure, emotional breakdown and anxiety. 

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