Astonishing facts and figures emerged out when a survey was carried out recently to understand the root causes of hair loss. The survey pointed out that above 85 million of men and women in the U.S. are experiencing hair loss problems. A problem which result s in balding eventually.
This report suggested that most were victims of the common form of baldness called androgenic (or androgenetic) alopecia, also termed as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness (in males and females.).

Note - One needs to bear in mind that male-pattern baldness is slightly different from female-pattern baldness.
When male-pattern baldness occurs, the hair begins thinning gradually – until one day when bald patches start to appear on the head. The primary cause of baldness is credited to the human hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT.)

Presence of the DHT in excess amount on the scalp leads to a clinging of DHT to the hair follicles. This affinity of the DHT to the follicles results in the blockage of the blood supply to the follicles, which stops their growth. In other words, the follicles are deprived of the essential nutrients required for the hair growth. This leads in the shrinkage or reduction of the hair shaft width. As a result of this, the hair turns thinner. Eventually with the decrease of hair shaft width, no new hair can grow out of the follicle.

There are numerous medications available in the market to remedy the problem of hair loss. Medications with Finasteride as an active ingredient are proven to show some positive effects on the scalp by reducing the level of DHT. However, usually, the medication only lessens hair loss till the time it is used. Besides, it may also result in serious side-effects.

Are there natural ways to stop hair loss?
Yes! Many studies directly link stress as the prime factor for hair loss. Thus, reducing stress can help a person to prevent premature hair loss. This is because in case of a person who is under stress, his or her body systems does everything thing to bring the balance back for proper functioning of the body. In this process, some abnormal changes take place in form of the excess production of certain hormones which hamper the growth of hair. However, the ill effects of stress on the growth of the hair can be cut down to a great extent by taking some measures  - in form of some activities - to lower stress level.
Given below are some easy stress management techniques for the same:

Deep Breathing for relieving stress
This is the oldest technique which can bring a huge relief to various ailments. Also, this simple exercise can be done anytime and anywhere. All one needs to do is take a deep breath, holding the breathe for 10 to 15 seconds, and then exhaling slowly. The time for which breathe is hold can be increased gradually. If possible and comfortable, this has to be repeated several times until one feels relaxed.

Positive self talk for confronting challenges
Positive self talk is an indispensible factor to relieve oneself from stress. When a person feels low or sad, some positive self talk helps a lot. Positive self talk involves having a positive outlook when challenges dawns. One should tell to himself that he is capable of resolving or solving the challenging tasks in front of him and he may overcome any obstacles - no matter how the situation is. Infusing oneself with such bright thoughts helps a person to feel more relaxed and confident.

Meditation – last but not the least
From time immemorial, meditation has been seen as an effective way to bring down stress. Find some time to do meditation in a quiet place. This can be done by either chanting some mantras or focusing on something pleasant.