Life can never be stress free.

You must expect stress in every aspect of life.

When you wake up in the morning, you feel a need to rush for time. After all, you need to get to work on time.

That causes stress. That is healthy stress. If you do not have to rush for work, you will probably take double or triple the time to finish your breakfast.

While there are many articles about the negative effects of stress, you need to think of the positive side of stress.

If there is no examination and no assignment for students, they will not study. If they do not study, they cannot retain the knowledge. If they do not retain the knowledge, they cannot apply the knowledge.

That is why stress is good for them. It forces them to study and work harder for better grades.

Healthy stress becomes negative stress partly due to bad time management.

Some students do not study until the night before the examination. That affects their sleep, and subsequently their performance in the examination hall.

The same thing happens to adults.

If you know that you need to leave your house by 8 am to reach office on time, you cannot sleep until 8 am. There is no way you can dress and get out of the house in less than one minute.

You are adding stress when you get up late. You cannot blame others for the stress that you face, since you have a choice to wake up earlier.

If you have planned and deal with the factors causing stress, you will not find the situations so stressful.

You will find that stress forces you to perform better, and to find ways to produce results in less time.

What are some of the stress management techniques?

1. Breathe

You must learn to take in deep breath whenever you can.

When you need to think and plan, you need more oxygen in the body. You can take in a few deep breaths.

You will find that many stress management techniques focus on breathing. Even yoga and other meditation exercises focus on breathing.

It sounds strange to pay money to learn to breathe. That is why you have to learn to take deep breaths consciously.

2. Tea

You can drink a cup of herbal infusion to stay alert.

When you are in a stressful environment, the worst beverage is the sugary beverages. The effect of sugar causes health problem in the long run.

You can make a cup of lemongrass herbal infusion or peppermint herbal infusion.

3. Talk to yourself

You can talk to yourself in the form of affirmation.

You can tell yourself to relax. You can tell yourself that situation is not that bad. You can remind yourself of your ability to deal with whatever happens.

You can tell yourself that some people are in worst situations.

Talking to yourself is another very effective stress management technique.

If you hear a little voice in your head that belittles your ability, you must drown it off. The minute you start to have self doubt, your attitude makes an already stressful situation more stressful.

4. Go for a run

You can go for a run or a quick walk.

That has the effect of clearing your head so that you do not feel so clouded with doubts.

You will find that you can think better after the run. You will find that creative solutions come easily when you are ready to tackle the problem again.

It is great for a student to go for a run, and study after a cold shower. He will find that he can remember better. He will take a shorter time to study, and yet score better than his classmates.

What are your stress management techniques?