Question: What Are Some Ugly Things People Do At Weddings?

Answer: 1. People break dance in their suites and make you feel ashamed for them and their relatives.

2. People ignore some family members while spoiling others.

3. People get jealous and challenge the bride or groom.

4. People get drunk and then act obnoxious revealing family secrets and old grudges.

5. People cry out loud singing and just being rowdy.

6. People show the bride or groom that they are not liked by their behavior as if they didn't want to be present at the wedding.

7. People complain about the music to the DJ and constantly want him to play what they want to hear.

8. People get angry and storm out of wedding just because they are not happy with somone of the way the wedding is orgnized.

9. People get jealous and spill wine on the brides dress.

10. People complain that the food is nasty.


10 Perfect Wedding Ideas Without Stress

1. For the perfect wedding, you should allow plenty of time to plan the wedding so you don't get rushed at the last minute.

2. For the perfect wedding you should only invite people you want there, not people you are obligated to invite.

3. For the perfect wedding, you should not spend too much money, you'll regret it later.

4. For the perfect wedding, you should take care of your guests, make sure they feel cared for.

5. For the perfect wedding you should keep it simple, don't put too much stress on yourself.

6. For the perfect wedding you should use professionals, don't trust friends and families for photos, music, etc.

7. For the perfect wedding you should always have more food and drinks than you think you need.

8. For the perfect wedding you should have someone there to take care of any issues that arise.

9. For the perfect wedding you should plan a stress-free day. Massages are a great wedding party gift.

10. For the perfect wedding you should be punctual, anything else is rude.


10 Things I Can't Stand at Weddings, Most Annoying

1) The ritual of having all single women gather "en masse" at a wedding to try to catch the bouquet is especially annoying because many single women prefer not to have a spectacle made of their singlehood.

2) The practice at most weddings of having the man who caught the garter put it on the leg of the woman who caught the bouquet is very annoying because it places two people who may not know each other in an encounter that should be saved for more intimate moments.

3) Scattering rice at weddings as the happy couple leaves is annoying because of the mess it makes at the reception site and the need for someone to have to clean it all up when the wedding is over.

4) The ritual of using very young children as junior bridesmaids and ring bearers at a wedding is an annoying practice because the responsibility for overseeing them falls to the bridesmaids who often have to chase after a wayward younngster to keep him in line.

5) The practice of paying the Pastor immediately after the wedding ceremony - often while still in the vestibule - is annoying and inappropriate. Those debts can be settled up before the wedding day or by family after the wedding is over.

6) The long wait between the end of the formal wedding ceremony and the arrival of the couple at the reception site is very annoying. While the wedding party is off taking pictures for a hour or more, the guests are left to make small talk with people they often don't know and don't care to see again.

7) The practice of having an open bar at weddings is very annoying and downright dangerous. An open bar encourages people to over-indulge and risk an accident as they return home after the festivities.

8) The practice at some weddings of opening wedding presents right at the reception is very annoying for guests. It can easily add an hour or more on to the reception as the couple "ooh and aah" their way through gifts that are likely to be returned within the week.

9) The presence of small children as guests at the wedding is extremely annoying for other guests. Young children will tire easily and get over-stimulated from the crowds and activity. They simply don't belong at weddings.

10) The tendency of some female guests to wear white to a wedding is annoying and distasteful. Wearing white should be the sole perogative of the bride. Everyone else should respect the tradition and find another outfit.


Question:  Sample Wedding Speech - What Should You Know?

Answer: Wedding speeches are not often necessary but if you do decide you want to say something, make sure you say it before the drinking starts. If it is not worth saying when you are sober, it is definitely not worth saying when you are drunk. These sample wedding speeches can be adapted as needed. There are no hard and fast rule about what you should say but the rule is this "Less is better".

Sample Wedding Speech: Tell everyone how lovely the bride and groom look. Don't go into details of how long you've know both of them, nobody cares. Say you feel honored to have witness these the couple showing love and commitment to each other. If you are the best man, avoid jokes about the bachelor's party or any joke at all. The wedding speech is not about you. Thank everyone who participated in the wedding preparations and the success of the proceedings. You can mentioned how great the mothers of the bride and groom look. That is always a good thing. Wish the newly married couple success in the future life. Don't talk about how the woman made a mistake marrying the other guy instead of you.  You are not that important.

If you are the father of the bride, don't go on a preacher "take care of my daughter" speech. It's already too late for that. Just be grateful someone is willing to tie the know with your daughter. If you don't like your son-in-law, thank everyone who made the wedding a success and mention how great your daughter looks. You need to be positive. If you don't feel good and don't have anything positive to say, sit down and shut up.

This sample wedding speech can be used as a guideline no matter who you are and how you are related to the bride and groom.

Question: What Are Great Ideas for Large Size Wedding Dresses?

Answer: If you are a large woman and you will be getting married very soon, you will no doubt be worried about looking great on your wedding day. The same goes for any woman preparing for the big day. When you are plus size the thought of going on a diet or losing weight in order to fit into a smaller wedding dress might have crossed your mind. That is a personal choice but if you lack the will to lose weight, you will do well not to add more stress to your future plans. How can you choose a stylish large size wedding dress? The key is being able to differentiate between what you really like and what will look great on you. If you have a large waistline, you need to look at ways to place less attention to that part of your anatomy. You should stay away from dress with ruffles (straight dress with waistbands are better)as these can make you look bigger. Another great idea is to choose a wedding dress that is not all white. You can consider a large size wedding dress with black lace trimmings or a wine colored dress.

The great thing about choose large size wedding dress is that there are now so many option to choose from. You don't have to spend a fortune either. has a good collection of plus size wedding dresses for large women. If you are a short woman, you should consider buying high heel wedding shoes to give you that extra advantage (practice before the big day). That will also make your dress look more elegant. If you are worried about your bingo wings, you can opt for a plus size wedding dress that is short sleeve. That will allow you to put on a bolero over your dress. Most plus size women often have large chest. If that is you case, you should stay away from strapless wedding dresses in order to avoid back fat. Fingerless gloves are also a great addition to your wedding accessories. You should go easy on makeup and hair accessories.

Question: Wedding Dress for Fat Brides -Should You Choose Fat Bridesmaids?

Answer: You've often heard that having fat friends or fatter friends can do a lot for your ego. What about when it comes to choose a wedding dress for fat brides and having bridesmaids? If you want to feel good about yourself, you might be tempted to choose fatter bridesmaids but that is obviously a personal choice. However, the wedding day is not about looking slimmer but about the commitment. If you are plus size and you already have you plus size wedding dress, there is the likelihood that your bridesmaids will be either little girls or your siblings or friends. If your friends are just like you, you are out of luck. If you don't have fatter friends, choose little girls as bridesmaids.

If you are not a plus size woman you will likely not want all your bridesmaids to be overweight. That might not look good on your wedding pictures. That said, marriage is not about the wedding day but getting the balance right can be difficult. If you are obsessed with your weight before your wedding day, you can opt to go on a diet. That will make you less fat but it can also cause other issue. For example, planning the wedding day can be a source of irritation. If you then add the fact that you cannot indulge yourself in your favorite pass-time, that can be very stressful for many woman. If all you have are fat bridesmaids, just go along with the flow and enjoy your big day wearing your wedding dress for fat brides.

Question: What Should You Know About Wedding Dress for Fat Brides?

Answer: If you are a fat bride and you are beginning to plan your wedding day, you are obviously obsessed with finding the right wedding dress for you. The issue often encounter with finding the appropriate wedding dress has to do with expectations. You need to move away from the dream and do a reality check. The wedding dress for fat bride means you need to invest in something that will not make you cry (not too tight). You shouldn't expect to look like the models seen in the wedding catalogs. Once you get that out of the way, you can also consider other important points like colors and buying a wedding dress with ruffles or frills.

You should aim for a different color (black on white, wine color, etc) other than white if you are choosing a wedding dress for a fat bride. Choosing a dress with short sleeve can make your look better in any dress you choose (avoid strapless wedding dress). A wedding dress with ruffles or frills might not be a good idea if you have a large waist. High heels can be good if you are comfortable and are used to wearing them. You should also go easy on the make up and hairdo. You are already a fat bride and you don't want to look like a clown. Smaller earrings are better to go with your plus size wedding dress. Stay away from wedding dress for fat brides that show a lot of cleavage. Most plus size women have ample bosoms and there is no need to shove it into the face of your guests. Finally, a wedding dress for fat bride will look good and help you feel good if you believe you are beautiful.

Question: Where Can You buy Cheap Large Size Wedding Dress?

Answer: There is no reason to be ashamed if you have to buy large size wedding dress. There is also no reason why your wedding dress has to cost you a fortune. You can buy cheap large size wedding dresses for under $100. Sites likes sell affordable large size wedding dress. That said, will you look pretty in your wedding dress? That is another issue but having good taste can help you make the best of your purchase.

The fact that the plus size wedding dress looks good on the model doesn't mean that you will look the same. You need to make sure you are investing in a wedding dress that will help you look you best. You also dont' have to buy a white wedding dress (choosing contrasting colors can work wonders). Most women getting married are not virgins and the notion of white and virginity has since lost its meaning. Another thing to bear in mind about large size wedding dress is that the models used are not often plus size. That should help you set your expectations correctly.

Question: Are Large Size Wedding Dress Sexy?

Answer: Any large size wedding dress will look sexy if you choose with taste. Your wedding day is very important but money alone can't buy good taste and you need to make sure you choose your plus size wedding dress according to your morphology. If you are a short woman and you are looking to buy large size wedding dress, you need to avoid a dress that expands from the waist downwards. You can go for a large size wedding dress with short sleeve that will create contrast. You can also create contrast by choosing a wedding dress that is not all white but come with black lace trimmings.

If you are used to wearing high heels, you can combine a comfortable wedding shoes that will give you extra length so that you can pull off your wedding dress. That said, you have to be realistic, any elegant gown will look better if your waistline is not larger than your hips. If you are tall and plus size you will probably be able to pull off a large size wedding dress and will look sexy on your big day. Some women decide to diet and lose enough waist before their wedding day. That is not for everyone because you might not reach your desired goal. The best thing is to avoid putting on too much weight.