To cover up stretch marks, you can use stretch mark creams to conceal the scarring. There is also a liquid foundation that you can use, which does a pretty good job of hiding scars too. After applying the cream or foundation, you can powder the scared area to help blend the cream with your skin color.

There are a lot of stretch mark cover up tricks out there. Stretch marks are healed scars caused by over stretching the skin. When the skin stretches beyond it's boundary, the tissue of the dermis will break and cause a wound beneath the skin.

It is also important that you choose the right kinds of clothes to conceal your scars. You have to reconsider the parts of your body that are affected by stretch marks. For example if you know that your thighs are the most cellulite affected part of your body, then don't wear shorts or skirts that will reveal the stretch marks.

If you want to permanently get rid of you nasty marks, you should undergo surgery that can remove stretch marks. Surgery is a permanent and more effective way to get rid of stretch marks. Much more effective than using stretch mark cover up. Stretch marks tend to be very visible so, it's important to use some method to hide the scarring.

There are a lot of oils, creams, lotions and other moisturizing products you can use to help repair your skin. It's important to apply daily moisturizers, especially those that stimulate collagen production. By stimulating collagen production in the skin, your body will be able to repair broken skin cells faster.

Water therapy is a good option for repairing the skin, by moisturizing your skin from the inside. Hydrating your body with plenty of water each day will also help your skin become stronger. Moisturizing your skin daily will help the skin become more elastic and prevent further scarring.

Be careful with the types of soaps that you use. Some soap brands dry out your skin more than moisturize it. Make sure that the soap is a rich moisturizing soap to make sure that your skin's natural moisture will not be ripped off your body as you take a shower. Milk bath liquid soaps are highly recommended. Gently massage or scrub the stretch mark affected parts with a loofah or wash cloth to regulate the blood flow in that particular area. Once you create additional blood flow, your broken elastin or skin tissues will be reinforced with more collagen for quicker cell repair.