It should seem that since you lost the weight or got rid of the big stomach after you have given birth that you should be able to stroll onto the beach and not have to worry about a thing. This however is not always the case because you have deal with those ugly creases which was holding up the fat.

This is known as stretch marks. This happens when the skin is constantly stretched and the dermis becomes broken, leaving horrible lines behind. It can happen to men as well who have been active in the gym department. When they leave this to relax, marks will build up.

A stretch mark is made up of a linear scar which can actually affect thin under lying layers of the skin. It's not only common amongst pregnant women, but it can also happen during puberty, where growth happens at a rapid rate. Bodybuilders experience this as well as people who are obese or those who are constantly losing and putting on weight.

There are actually three layers that you have to deal with. If you don't get down to it and get rid of all layers, you will be sitting back at square one. We start with the epidermis, which sits at the top, then move to the dermis, which is the middle layer and finally the subcutuous stratum layer which is the inner layer.

stretch stretch marks

All of these layers need to be dealt with. You will notice these lines as being purple or red and as you age they turn a silvery kind of color. The texture of the skin is soft to the touch and this is what you want to change.

Looking at treatments that will get to the root of the problem

Stretch mark removal cream

Again we come back to creams that everyone says rub on everyday and before you know it the problem is gone, but how do you really know that you are dealing with the situation. There are a couple of creams on the market that have proven well and others that have just been a craze, but a good way to do your homework is to look at the before and after results because this is going to be your best judgement.

Tretinoin cream seems to stand out strong and many people believe and can prove by this. If you experiment by buying over the counter products you may not get very far, except for spending a lot of money, so it is best to find out something about the product beforehand.

When the dermis loses its shape because of stretching, it will become less elastic. The dermis now loses most of its support in a process called epidermal tearing. This is where stretch marks take place.

A quality stretch mark cream can do you a lot of good and will reduce the marks significantly. Don't think that one rub is going to solve all of your problems, but you will see some reduction. Find something good from your dermatologist which has been recommended.


Laser stretch mark removal

This is an option to consider if you have a lot of stretch marks. A cream may be fine for someone who is suffering from a couple of lines or creases here and there, but it may not contribute to permanent stretch mark removal if you are someone who has a lot of

marks to deal with. You will need to have up to four treatments which can also cost you up to $800 for a single treatment. This works by a strong light that will heat the walls of the blood vessels, and in doing so you will break them down. The recovery period for this is not as long as some of the more serious treatments. You will probably have some redness,   but no other serious damage.

laser treatment

Chemical Peels

This will be another option that can cost slightly less. You will also need to go through a couple of treatments with these. A chemical peel is a treatment performed by a qualified person. It is like a mask that is intense, made up of ingredients to deal with the situation at hand.

Don't fall for the home treatment versions because not only can they be dangerous, but they are not as effective. There are peels that vary in nature. You can find peels that are very strong and the side effects mean that you will take up to a week to recover and others which are much lighter with only a little redness as an after effect for a couple of hours. Find out first if you are able to have this treatment because it is only appropriate for certain skin types.

There are a lot of other things that people use with some degree of success. Once in a while you will find a product that does wonders in the world of cosmetic surgery with no surgery, but most of the time you won't find that it is as powerful. For example Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Bio-Oil are some of the products that stand out. They don't take your marks away for good, but they can help in reducing them.

Often people prefer to go the more natural route. After all, it can be less irritating than finding that you have flared up with an allergy to something after spending a large amount of money on an expensive stretch mark removal cream. If you have only a couple of light marks they will probably disappear in good time. Just continue to eat plenty of fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamins A and D and don't forget to soak up loads of milk.

chemical peel

Does Cellulite cream really work?

There has been so much debate over the years about what cellulite product is the best and most beneficial. You will see products come and go. Suddenly there will be a sudden craze for one particular product that you just have to have and the next thing you find it is nowhere to be seen.

Some say that cellulite reduction creams are just another craze that has got people talking, but you still end up having cellulite. The fact is that you have to work at it because cellulite is building up all the time so there's no one solution. The other problem is finding the best cellulite reduction cream.

With any product you will find that more and more marketers will jump onto the band wagon and this means that you will have to be selective. Do your research because going for the cheapest product is not going to get the desired results. You will probably also be taken for a ride by going for something really expensive. Look for reviews left by customers and then make a decision.

In general a cellulite removal cream works by the stimulation of cell circulation and in doing so they are able to melt down fat. A good quality cream will work on the basis of lypolysis - where fat is being burnt in the layer just below the surface of the skin. You will be able to see results in a few weeks if you have a good cream on hand.

What to look for in Cellulite cream

Look at the ingredients in the cream and make sure there is nothing in there that you are allergic to. It is better that the ingredients are natural because there is less of a chance that there will be any side effects resulting. Look out for some sort of moisturizer present because this plays a big role in helping with the reduction process. Watch out for things that could be harmful to you in the case where you are pregnant or nursing.

Looking at some of the top cellulite creams

Revitol Cellulite cream

This is a popular cream that is easy to apply and is effective as well. It gets to the problem quickly, underneath the skin. Generally, this will create a firm looking texture to your skin without any bumps or dimples that are associated with cellulite.

It is totally natural and no drastic side effects have been reported. Results last weeks at a time before you simply just have to massage another dose on the affected area. Revitol is able to remove the toxins that are found in your fat cells and this is what adds to the main problem. Blood will now be able to flow through easily.

Remember the main problem with cellulite is that blood is not able to circulate well so once you have a way to get the blood pumping evenly as possible you are on the right track. This is not the only area that the cream focuses on. It also helps with your metabolism. It does this with the help of the algae extract which it contains. Storage cells are reduced and this will create more elasticity, giving the tissue around the cells more strength.

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Nivea cellulite cream

After the Tyra Banks show where Nivea cellulite cream was discussed and demonstrated on various people in the show, viewers were keen to know the result. With Nivea it turned out really positive and people who tried out the product in the show displayed quick improvements. Nivea has been so effective because it uses the skin's own L-Carnitine production, which is naturally found in the skin. You only need to apply Nivea once a day.

Some people really rave about this cream and others are not so positive. However, the majority of these reviews refer to women who didn't follow instructions down to the ground and didn't apply it as often as they should have. There were also women who were put off by the aroma. A couple of people were impressed by the firm feeling and overall tone, but when it came to their cellulite they still didn't see much of a difference, even after months of use.

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Cellulean is another effective anticellulite treatment that you may refer to as "liposuction in a bottle". This product went through heavy lab testing and clinical trials to make sure you get everything out of it, leaving your skin a lot smoother and firmer after fat cells have been stimulated and collagen has been formed. You will find green tea, antioxidants and seaweed as some of the active ingredients that are included.

You may have seen Cellulean on the ABC 7 News Channel. This was made famous when users reported that they had lost up to 2 inches of fat with nothing else, but this product. Firmer hips and thighs are the result in just a month. Now, of course everyone is different, but the product has been put to the test. The treatment is going to help you get to your goal, but you also have to put in the effort and regular exercise with a good, healthy diet. This is definitely a recommendation.


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