Looking for information on stretch mark removal? It seems like the whole world is focused on your stomach and everyone, absolutely everyone, from your husband's irritating best friend to the grocery store checker wants to touch your melon of love. There's no hiding it. You've abandoned your hip single girl wardrobe for the bland comfort of maternity wear. But that little being growing inside of you is not the only thing that has become impossible to ignore...Stretch marks and along with them the persistent thought of pregnant girls all over, i.e. what's the best method of stretch mark removal.

Stretch marks are stripe-like scars of pale skin that often radiate from your pregnant belly. They are caused by exactly what it sounds like, the stretching of your skin as your belly plumps up to make room for your little 9 month visitor. They can persist after pregnancy and do a real number on your body image come summer bikini season so you want to take measures to mitigate them during your pregnancy. [ So girls, what's the best way to keep baby from leaving his or her mark even before birth?

Here's the three main method's of stretch mark removal. The most effective method is laser removal. It's pain free and proven to work with all kinds of women. Unfortunately it is also the most expensive. Most women only resort to laser removal after other methods have failed.

The least expensive method is massage. Many pregnancy guidebooks emphasize this method as a "natural" way to avoid or reduce the severity of stretch marks and you will find mothers who swear by it. By most accounts it's the least effective method when used in isolation.

For best results massage works best when in combination with stretch removal creams. Stretch mark removal and prevention creams, however, are the most popular choice for women. They reduce the severity of stretch marks and in most cases remove them altogether. Any drug store or supermarket will usually have one or two of these creams but for the best selection do an internet search. Prices for such creams vary greatly, but several moderately priced creams will do the trick. The key is to find one that works for you. Other moms will give you the low down on what worked for them if you just ask nicely. You may also want to consider the ingredients in your stretch removal cream.

If you want to stay natural you can find several that contain aloe vera, shea butter or even grapefruit extrac as the main ingredientst. If this is less of a concern for you, stretch removal creams containing palmitoyl oligopeptide or palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 are highly effective. Since you will be applying most creams every day you want to consider how the cream smells, feels and dries on your skin. Don't be afraid to try two or three before you settle on the one best suited to your body and sensibilities. As with most things, there is no perfect choice for all women. It's your skin and your tummy, so be picky about what you choose for Stretch Mark Removal!