There are many products geared towards stretch mark removal after the fact but more interest should be paid to their prevention in the first place. To begin with let's look at their causes. Stretch marks typically find their beginnings during periods of rapid weight loss, weight gains or body growth. For instance during puberty and adolescence and extending into the teenage years there is often rapid growth. Rapid weight gain and loss during times of pregnancy for example will cause this dermal scarring to appear. In fact most women who go through pregnancy do experience some dermal scarring on their abdomen. Stretch marks however do not arise from the skin being stretched. It is the healing action of the dermis layer that kicks in when skin becomes too thin during a period of weight gain or growth. It creates tissue that is essentially scar to tissue to heal the thin damaged skin.

The best place to start with dermal scarring prevention is by not allowing the skin to dry out and keeping it hydrated both from the inside and out. This allows the skin to maintain its elasticity allowing it to stretch without incurring damage. This means drinking a lot of liquids during the day which some people find hard to maintain but if you want to avoid the possibility of procedures like laser stretch marks removal, stretch mark removal surgery and breast stretch mark removal then this should not be a hard discipline to inculcate. If you're going through pregnancy then all the more reason to start the habit of hydrating your body since you've had plenty of warning and there really is no excuse to say that you didn't realize the weight would pile up so fast necessitating surgery.

Apart from just drinking lots of liquids there are also certain things to avoid to allow the body to get that moisture to the skin easily. As you may know smoking decreases blood flow to the skin depriving it of much needed nourishment. That habit should be curtailed. Coffee, tea and sodas are diuretics so if you're drinking a cup of coffee a day then that water you're drinking for hydration just ends up in the bladder rather then the skin where its supposed to be. Vitamin C is a major contributor to skin health because of its importance in collagen synthesis. Vitamin A and Vitamin E should be taken internally and can also be taken externally in the form of stretch mark removal creams that keep the skin moist and elastic. On such a regimen you may find laser stretch marks removal procedures for the dermal scarring unnecessary. As long as you stick to the skin health regimen and don't allow your skin to dehydrate you should experience minimal dermal scarring from pregnancy or other conditions.