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Tired of staring at those seemingly permanent reddish to purplish lines on your skin? Well, there is still a chance for taking them all away making your skin look as if nothing happened. There exists several ways on how to remove old stretch marks. These sets of methods you can generalize under stretch mark removal.

Defining the Stretch

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Stretch marks are forms of scars making them distinct due to their different color. From the name itself, it is caused by excessive strain or stretch on the skin brought about by different causes from pregnancy to rapid growth to weight gain. It can also be influenced by hormonal influences which can be attributed to the different changes in the woman’s body.

Stretch marks have always been a dreadful concern for women particularly those who are very much conscious about their appearance particularly their skin. This can be a cause for great distress for women of all ages. Actually, the existence of stretch marks is a normal occurrence during times when the skin is rapidly stretched due to the various conditions with some enumerated above. Further stress is even caused to women because most of their attempts to remove the said marks tend to fail.

Stretch Marks: What’s and where’s

Stretch marks often appear as reddish or purple lines that usually fade in color as time goes by. The longer you let the stretch mark on your skin without any attempt to reduce or remove it, the harder it is for the stretch marked to be somehow removed. These marks are found in a specific layer of the skin known as the dermis. This layer is the middle layer of the skin that helps put the skin together keeping it in its perfect shape.

Stretch marks can be commonly found in the fatty areas of the body such as the thighs, breasts, underarms, shoulders and most commonly in the abdomen. Some would even be present in the buttocks.  They actually do not cause much of the risks when it comes to health matters. They do not impair any of the body’s functions as well most importantly its ability to repair itself from day to day wear and tear. They just really affect the aesthetic aspect of a person especially women. Even worse, this can cause a reduction in your self-esteem thus affecting your ability to interact and relate to others. But you should never let that happen because it is never too late to let these marks linger on your skin forever.

Stretch Marks: Putting Permanence to Trash

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There are several ways on how these marks can be removed. Yes, stretch mark removal is possible. You can choose the method that you will always prefer depending upon your resources and needs. There exist medical procedures that are facilitated by specialists particularly by dermatologists and surgeons that will help you remove the dreaded marks in time. You should just have to consider the cost for these procedures because these procedures are said to be expensive but results are always worth the cost. If you have enough money then these rapid methods of removal would be some of the best picks.

Got The Bucks for Removal?

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One type of medical procedure involves surgery and this is called scar removal. Of course as you all know, this is facilitated by a surgeon. One example also of a surgery for stretch mark removal is the tummy tuck. This procedure involves the removal of the skin below the navel where stretch marks are usually found. Another type of medical procedure involves the use of laser, what you commonly know as laser therapy. This is best done by specialists as they are the best persons who can know and gauge how long or to what extent are they going to expose your affected skin with the laser. This is usually preferred because this is a painless procedure. The process involves the damage of dead skin cells and its replacement of new ones thus your skin appears very much youthful and renewed. It must be remembered though that stretch marks involving the deeper layers of the skin would not be much benefited by laser therapy.

The Do It Yourself Removal

There are methods which you can do on your own because this just involves application of creams and topical agents continuously to remove the lines. These are natural methods and can be easily done at home given the proper instructions. This means that this cost a lot lesser than those of medical procedures. For the stretch marks to be removed by topical agents, they must contain materials that would improve and restore the elasticity of the skin, maintain a good blood supply within the skin and of course enhance the skin’s ability for repair. That is why most of these topical agents contain Vitamin C and E which are good in maintaining a healthy skin and facilitating quick and efficient repair of it.

However, it must be remembered that this can only be very effective if properly prescribed and used regularly. As you all know, each of you have different skin types which must taken into consideration. If the appropriate topical agent is used then the skin can be healed from within.



Thus, for those women who are in a state of too much worrying or those in a state of depression due to the thought that these lines might be permanent, think twice and wake up because there is still a lot one can do. All they have to do is act know because those lines that bothers them and hinders their expression of true radiance can still be swept away. There are even several methods that they can choose from depending upon what they like, what they need or what fits their resources.  Mourning over those lines would never help even a bit because believe it or not, saying goodbye to those dreaded lines is very much possible. It is one big reality.