Invasive or Non-invasive

How you can get rid of stretch marks quickly? Stretch marks are an annoying skin issue faced by a lot of women and even men. Although the swiftest resolution normally would be laser stretch mark removal, not everyone is receptive to this option as it is invasive, can be costly and may not be amenable to insurance coverage.

Stretch mark creams pose a good alternative to much more invasive choices like cosmetic laser and plastic surgery. But the question that naturally follows is what sort of cream should I get? Cutting through all the hype and fluff can be an intimidating and frustrating process. In this article, we'll provide you with tips in locating the very best stretch mark cream that caters to your condition. First of all, let us take a step back and understand the formation of stretch marks.

Why do people get stretch marks?

Stretch marks form because the dermis is stretched at a very fast pace. Whilst you'll find many underlying factors as to the reasons this may occur, the major reasons for stretch marks are: pregnancy; abrupt bodyweight gain due to nutritional reasons or medical related circumstances; bodybuilding.

Pregnancy results in rapid bodyweight increase in ladies. When the skin is stretched to the stage where it can't manage the shear forces, stretch marks may start to appear. Unexpected growth in body mass because of an adjustment in diet program, medical situations, or bodybuilding might also bring about the epidermis becoming stretched towards the point when it grows stretch marks. Bodybuilders typically come across stretch marks on their arms, back and legs. 

Your journey to finding a good stretch mark cream

Good stretch mark removal creams do not merely decrease the severity of stretch marks you have but also reinforce the epidermis so that fresh stretch marks tend to be much less likely to surface. It may be a wise choice to select a cream with as many natural elements as possible, because it is not a good idea to place a lot of chemical substances on your skin, specifically should you don't understand what potential side effects may result.

The easiest method to find a suitable stretch mark cream is usually to ask others precisely what they've experienced. Interviewing friends and family is normally a great starting point, but you could also look up the World Wide Web for user reviews or recommendations

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Creams come in plenty of variety

Some bodybuilders claim that cocoa butter works on their stretch marks. Because bodybuilders have a high percentage of muscle mass, some have also suggested the usage of deep penetrating products. For example, some weight lifters have reported that their physicians recommend branded creams like Mederma or Revitol and also have noticed very good improvement using these.

Regarding pregnant and nursing ladies, physicians firmly advise against employing products that possess retinol. This kind of active component is contained in doctor prescribed medications including Differin and Retin-A. Rather, it is advised that mothers-to-be make use of creams which contain all-natural substances - for example cocoa butter along with shea butter. Therefore, organic creams or home treatments will be the top alternative for currently pregnant women.

Consider going all natural

Natural stretch mark creams consist of organic ingredients. Some of the frequent active ingredients found in these creams include extracts from organic oils:  commonly from sources like almond, jojoba, olive and other fruits and vegetables. These all-natural extractions are abundant in vitamin E, which acts as an anti-oxidant and diminishes pigments.

Some other organic and natural ingredients include the following:

Cocoa Butter: This is acquired from cocoa beans and has exceptional moisturizing characteristics. It provides a light, pleasing smell to the cream

Aloe Vera: This ingredient contains anti-inflammatory properties. It cuts down on inflammation around newly formed stretch marks.

Shea Butter: Rich in vitamins A & E, this ingredient is extracted from the Shea tree