Starting a Stretch Marks Treatment can effectively help fade away the look of scarring on the skin. Stretch Marks are tears in the dermis part of the skin and this occurs when it has been stretched due to excessive weight gain or weight loss,pregnancy,bodybuilding and puberty.You cannot completely cure or remove these marks totally unless you have laser surgery,chemical peels or dermabrasion.

Your skin is one of the most important organs of the body and it is extremely important that you look after it if you want better looking skin. Besides following a healthy and active lifestyle, you can also start natural treatments at home which can help reduce stretch marks on the body. Recently , natural remedies have been shown to help as they are very safe for the body and also very easy to apply.

To help heal your scars you can apply natural ingredients such as DL-Penthenol,Aloe Vera Extract,Grapefruit Seed Extract and Vitamins A and E.


DL-Penthenol also known as pro vitamin B5 can help heal the upper and lower levels of your skin to minimize scarring.This vitamin can help with cell growth and also can be used to smooth your skin.It can also be used to help prevent stretch marks by promoting elastin and collagen , so you don't get further stretching of the skin.
This is one of the most effective stretch marks treatment available today.

Aloe Vera Extract.


Aloe Vera extract has shown to have anti inflammatory properties and can help with this type of condition. It also helps to regenerate new cells and stop any early scarring from forming. Look for products that contain aloe vera juice or gel. By using these types of natural ingredients , you will have less allergic irritations especially if you have sensitive skin.

Grapefruit Seed Extract.


Grapefruit Seed Extract can help restore elastin and collagen to the skin and it is a natural antibiotic.By improving the amount of elastin and collagen , stretch marks are unlikely to form and you will have healthier looking skin. Try adding more grapefruit in your diet and also use a cream that contains grapefruit seed extract. Vitamin C can also help improve your skin, you can start taking a Vitamin C supplement or try adding more fruits that contain Vitamin C such as citrus fruits.

Vitamins A and E.

Vitamin A has been known to help the appearance of stretch marks and also help with skin growth.Vitamin E can prevent sun damage within the skin and also is a powerful antioxidant to help the skin generate new cells.By using Vitamin E your skin is less likely to tear and goes deep within the skin for better results.

A product that contains all these natural ingredients and can help minimize scarring and moisturize the skin is Revitol's Stretch Mark Prevention Cream.This cream can help improve elasticity and strengthen the skin. It also contains natural ingredients to help prevent dryness and also prevent more stretch marks from forming on the body.

By following a stretch marks treatment, you can also help Fade Stretch Marks by drinking plenty of water to help hydrate your skin.Do not consume caffeine as this will dry out your skin and increase the risk of more scarring.Stretch marks can also appear often if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.For example zinc and vitamins A and C are very important to skin health and can be found in foods such as fish,fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots and citrus fruits