The pink, red or purple stripes or deep scratch marks on the skin are called stretch marks. These hideous marks are found on the breasts, legs, buttocks, stomach and almost everywhere in the body. They are usually acquired after weight increase and pregnancy. Though there are a few known stretch marks treatments sold in the market, there are no medications to repair broken skin fibers. It is so sad that these dreadful marks only have a few effective stretch marks treatments available.

Among the many treatments, I've chosen a few famous treatments used by many to treat their stretch marks. I have classified them into two groups: those that work and those that do not.

Treatments That Work

  • Water therapy – keep your skin soft by drinking lots of water daily. Doing so will prevent the skin from developing these marks. If you are addicted to caffeine, make sure you balance your intake of water with your intake of caffeinated drinks.
  • Balanced Meal – eat foods with zinc, vitamins A and C, and protein. Samples of foods rich in zinc are fishes and nuts. Carrots and citrus fruits have vitamins A and C while eggs are known to have protein.
  • Tretinoin Cream - they can only reduce the lines which are six weeks old and newer. If your stretch mark is older than that then this is not your solution.
  • Laser therapy– laser treatments pass the topmost part of the skin so these can heal the damages cause by these stretch marks. Types of lasers to be used will be based on the color of the marks. For stretch marks which are already light-colored, request for the laser type that can accelerate pigment production. For the dark-colored ones, ask for the type which can lighten the color. In addition, there is another type of laser treatment which promotes collagen production, making the skin stretchy and supple.

Treatments That Do Not Work

  • Anti-stretch mark creams – this is quite an appealing treatment since operation or surgery is not required. However, they are not efficient. They do not get in contact with the layer which produces collagen so will not work.
  • Lotions and Creams –It is true that they have vitamin E in them but, unfortunately, these do not do well either.
  • Homemade creams and lotions –Products that contain cocoa butter are said to help diminish and prevent the marks. They maintain skin's elasticity which can help prevent stretch marks. I am not quite sure how to classify this last option as these are just rumors.

There are many stretch marks treatments but only a few have proven their worth. Most of them are phony so beware of those products. The pregnant and lactating mothers should first discuss with their physician before taking any medications. They should be wary of the products, especially the lotion, which has ingredients that can be carried out to the baby or into the breast milk. Always remember to consult the doctor before using any of the treatments written in this stretch marks treatments article.