Stretching is an example of a tennis elbow exercise that proves to be effective and easy to do. Tennis elbow is a common injury that makes other people suffer with pain in the outside part of the elbow that most of the time radiates through the forearm. This usually occurs from overexertion of the muscles, overuse of the forearm and the wrist and, repetitive movement. Once this injury is on the stage of healing, certain tennis elbow exercise can promote such and can prevent the injury from becoming a severe condition. Not only that, exercises for tennis elbow is also very helpful in preventing tennis elbow from happening.

Exercises for tennis elbow helps strengthen the muscles and promotes healing. It is good for the prevention of tennis elbow from happening and from becoming chronic. But then, before starting any major tennis elbow exercises, it is vital for you make sure that the injury is not as painful as it is from the very first occurrence, it is not swelling or inflamed, and your forearm is not stiff. When the pain is non-existent or minimal, then you can begin exercising so it would not be a reason for further injury. You are able to aid tennis elbow healing when you take enough rest, apply cold or warm compress on the injured part and avoid doing activities that may aggravate your condition.

There are different sets of exercises to help out your tennis elbow and stretching is very vital in every initial performance of these exercises, as well as with doing any other activities. Since engaging in a variety of different exercises depends on the condition or severity of your injury and the degree of its pain, stretching is always recommended to be done. This kind of exercise improves flexibility and reduces stress in the elbow. Some of the stretching exercises that are effective and easy to do are: wrist rotation, flexion, and extension; prayer stretch and; forearm stretch.

How to do the forearm stretch? Simply extend your elbow without flexing. Hold on to this position for 20-30 seconds and do this five to ten, twice a day. Isn't it very simple and easy? This uncomplicated exercise will improve your wrist and forearm strength.

How to do the prayer stretch? Just put your palms together, as if like praying, in front your chest. Lower your hands without separating your palms from each other and stop to a certain point where you can feel a mild stretch under your forearms. Hold for twenty seconds and repeat for four times.

How to do the wrist stretch? Extend your arm fully and hold it straight in front of you. Allow your wrist to bend. You can do this by letting your hand fall down naturally at the wrist. Push on the back of your hand gently. Hold on to this position for fifteen seconds with two to three times for each hand.

It is really good to perform some stretching before an exercise or any other activities. These kinds of stretching as a tennis elbow exercise are highly recommended for you before doing any major exercises such as strengthening exercise.