Striking MMA Sparring Tips

MMA Sparring Ideas for newbies

For some MMA sparring could be a scary situation for them. However, this is normal if you are doing MMA sparring for the first time in your life. Fear of getting hurt or being beaten up could be some the mental factor that would primarily run through the minds of newbie’s.


One solution to help you lessen up your worries it to give you tips on what you should do because once you are aware and if you have the strategies beforehand all your worries would be clear once you are there in the ring with your sparring mates. To help you know what you should do in your first MMA sparring here are some of the helpful tips for first timers just like you.




Be physically prepared


MMA sparring is a very physically demanding part of your MMA training because once you are there in there ring there are no time for rest for 3 minutes or so depending on the time that you and your sparring mate agreed upon.



Unlike doing the MMA drills you can have a rest if you want to. In MMA sparring this is not the case because you consistently in movement. You do explosive moves, punch, and move side to side and basically you are continuously in motion. You need to really be prepared physically and cardio wise.



So don’t force yourself if you are not physically ready because you would not last a round fight. Before you decide to jump into the ring, ask yourself first if you are physically ready.



Be mentally ready


MMA sparring is not purely physical but mental as well. You need to prepare your mind that you could be beaten up and get hurt. All of these are a part of any martial artist and it is part of the learning curve. Don’t be afraid to lose because you will be better the next time around if you learn from your mistakes.



Furthermore, you need to have the winning mentality. Strive to win and think when you fight. Run strategies to your head and analyze the weakness of your opponent while you are not engaging. Be an intelligent fighter by not allowing fear run in your mind.




Just do it


To remove all your fears you must do it. Once you are there you are going to say to yourself that it isn’t bad after all. Just by doing it will gain your confidence. If you want to be a better fighter sparring is the key to greatness not on mma drills alone. It is the real thing, it is like the real fight and the only difference is you are protected but you could get hurt sometimes though.



Always protect yourself



Never ever forget to cover yourself. Keep your chin down and cover your chin with you glove or you hands. Always see to it that your ribs are close but don’t be stiff. Just be ready whenever you are under attack.  As what you usually hear in a boxing match, “Protect yourself at all time”.


Use head movement


Head movement is one defensive move for you not to get hit easily. Don’t be an easy target. Give your opponent a hard time to hit you. Use footwork whenever he or she is attacking you. Use these defensive manoeuvres to your advantage.



Be relax


Don’t get to stiff. You punches are more accurate when you are relaxed and loosen up. Just enjoy the fight and have fun. I have seen how dangerous fighters are when they are more relaxed. The power punches, the rhythm, the timing will be there naturally if you do this advice.



Use jabs


When you want to open up and measure the distance of your opponent, use the jab. Two jabs will do. When you see some opening throw combinations right away and once you’re done cover yourself immediately or back up. Be ready for counter punches and avoid them by bouncing back or just by covering yourself again.



Always be on the proper stance


If you are ready to spar it only means you know the proper stance that you are going to use. Always be on the right stance so that you could move easily and when you need to punch the power would always be there. Furthermore, if you are well balanced you would not trip especially when you are under attack. If you still not sure what stance you are going to use, do the boxing stance.


Focus on speed


Punch in combinations. This is not a professional fight. MMA sparring is all about applying what you have learn from your MMA drills. In addition, in this manner you will be able to master all the combos that you have been practicing. Mix up your punches and don’t be predictable. When you throw combinations there is a big possibility that you could break in his/her defense.



Have a very healthy learning attitude


Don’t get disappointed when you get beaten up. Learn from your mistakes and get better the next time you spar. When you spar frequently you will be able to harness you striking skill. Continuously improve by learning from your mistake. There is a lot of room for you to grow. Keep your head up.




Move away fast when you are under attack



Don’t be an easy target. If you are being cornered immediately find your way out. Cover your head and your ribs. Don’t let your opponent punch you at will. Just move quickly and stay away in front of him/her. When you’re under attack be on the defensive mode and stay out!






Breathe with your nose


Breathing with the mouth usually happens you are tired. Make it a habit to breathe with your nose so that you could not tire easily. Breath naturally and don’t exhale while throwing punches. This is the reason why you really need to prepare your cardio before you spar so you could maximize your sparring session.



Thank your sparring partner



Give a hand shake to your spar mate as a gesture of respect and appreciation. MMA or any martial art is all about the virtue of respect. Never forget to thank your spar mate for giving his/her time with you for sure you will learn something in return in your MMA sparring session.




Now you know what you should do and what not to do in your first MMA sparring session. These are just some of the ideas that you should ponder upon. I hope I’m able to help and guide you for your first MMA sparring adventure. Enjoy and have fun.