Today we know all superheroes as creatures in cool, stylish and high-tech costumes that help them deal with all bad guys and defeat all enemies at once. But not all of us remember what these heroes looked like in the past, when the Internet and technologies were not so popular and available. It's high time to reveal the striking truth about all superheroes!

1. Batman

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What do you think about this black-and-white Batman's photo? Dark Knight doesn't seem very awesome here, does he? The evolution of Batman's costume seems legit! If today's Batman met his predecessor, a facepalm would be guaranteed! And essay writing services wouldn't be needed to understand who of them becomes a winner.

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2. Captain America

We have never been huge fans of this superhero actually, but his very first version makes us smile at least. By the way, did Captain America have a shield before? It seems that his enemies were kinder and sweeter in the past.

captain america
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3. Hulk

This green fellow can't leave anyone indifferent. You may love or hate him, but you must admit: his power is impressive enough. As well as his abs and all other muscles actually (as we can see, he did much exercising to get them).

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4. Joker

It seems that Batman's main and most charismatic enemy had to change many visagists in order to get such a cool makeup. Well, his very fist version didn't probably have any visagists at all! Don't you find his makeup stupid a bit? But maybe he just tried to make everyone smile in such a way, who knows?

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5. Wolverine

As you see, there are not many changes here. But he should work on his haircut better anyway!

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6. Spiderman

The favorite superhero of all modern teenagers, Spiderman had to work on his costume hard in order to get so many fans. We have strong doubts whether his first version impressed villains at all!


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7. Superman

The last but not the least superhero in our list is Superman. Man of Steel beats all popularity records now, but would it be so if his costume was the one we could see in the very first picture here?

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By the way, did you know that Nicolas Cage had a chance to feel himself Superman as well? We didn't. You are cool in this suit, Nick, but Henry Cavill beats you here by all means!

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So, what can we add here? Time changes, and its heroes change as well. And even if some of our favourite superheroes did not look very stylish 10 or 20 years ago, they were still loved and adored by their fans. And if Batman, Hulk, Spiderman, and others want to stay popular today, they should remember what time they live in. People want to see cool heroes, and super powers are not enough to attract our attention today. Look stylish, stay strong, wear a high-tech costume - and you will become a favourite hero of the whole generation!