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Easter Lights

Decorative string lights and lighted window decorations are easy Easter decorating ideas. Lights and lighted window decorations can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the decoration.  Put up Easter decorations around the home to add some holiday spirit. 

Easter and Spring share similar meanings about rejuventation and renewal. Both are full of symbolism.  Hanging decorative string lights and other Easter decorations is fun for the entire family.  There are plenty of indoor and outdoor Easter decorations.  

Easter Lights and Lighted Decorations

String lights and lighted window decor are go-to decorations for any holiday, including Easter.  String lights and lighted window silhouettes are two easy decorating ideas for Easter.

Lighted Window Decorations

Lighted window decorations are usually among the best-sellers, in part because they are easy and affordable decorations.  Lighted window silhouettes are great holiday window decorations because they are visible inside and outside the home.  Easter lighted window silhouette decorations come in a few different designs, including the Easter bunny, Easter egg, and a baby chick.  These are easy to use because theyLighted Window Decoration - Shimmering BunnyCredit: simply hang in the window or glass surface attached by a suction cup. Some of the lighted window silhouettes are indoor-use only.  If you are planning to use the lighted window decorations outdoors make sure to look for the decorations that are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The lighted Easter Bunny Window Silhouette is approved for indoor and outdoor use.  You can buy the Easter Bunny Window Silhouette from Amazon, as it is one of their best sellers in Easter lights.  The discounted price for this shimmering bunny lighted window decoration is around $10 although it fluctuates depending on how close it is to Easter.  Shopping after Easter sales will save you money on decorations just like after-Christmas sales.  The cute lighted window decoration is 17 inches, one piece, and has a suction cup for sticking on the window. 

Religious Window Decorations - Christian Decorations - Lighted Cross

Shimmering bunnies are not for everyone.  Some people prefer more Christian centered decorations. Religious window decorations like the lighted cross are perfect as a home decIndoor Outdoor Lighted Cross DecorationCredit: Amazonoration.  The Easter White Cross is a lighted window decoration used as an indoor or outdoor Easter decoration.  Hang this lighted cross in the window or outside on the proch or patio. The Easter White Cross has bright mini lights and can connect to four more lighted decorations to make a row of crosses or other lighted window decorations (like the Leaping Bunny decoration).  Religious decorations are not limited to a season.  The Easter White Cross is lighted home and garden decor.  Use it as a lighted window decoration for Easter then leave it up or put it away until it is time to hang the lighted Christmas decorations. 

Decorative String Lights for Easter

Decorative string lights are excellent Easter decorations.  String lights are perfect for Easter parties or as a backdrop for brunch or dinner.  Decorative string lights are cost-effective decorations because you can use them for more than just Easter.  Decorative string lights are used in decorating for parties, birthdays, weddings, and holidays.  They also make nice landscaping lighting or mood lighting because there are so many different decorative string light choices. 

Decorative string lights come in many different shapes and colors.  Easter string lights are usually in pastel colors.  There are single color light sets, multi color string light sets, pastel lights, and decorative ornament shapes like the Easter egg string lights.  String lights are sometimes called lantern string lights because of their shape.  Decorative ornaments are commonly hung up with Easter string lights.  Like the lighted window decorations, some decorative string lights are indoor use only.  Buy discount decorative string lights during the holidays.  Every holiday has its own cool string lights that also make great home decor pieces.  

OGGZ Color Changing Lights

If the above string lights and lighted window decorations are not what you are looking for then try Oggz color changing lights.  Oggz are egg shaped indoor/outdoor lights that are Oggz Color Morphing Lights for EasterCredit: Amazon.comdescribed as color morphing accent lights. Oggz do not require batteries and they come with a recharging station.  Oggz color morphing lights are easy Easter decorations because they look exactly like big eggs lights.  Decorative lights do not always come on a string.  Oggz are used as decorative accent lighting.  Oggz light sets are on sale at Amazon.  Buy Oggz Color Morphing Accent Lights (set of 3 lights) from Amazon to save almost 50%.  They are on sale for $34.65 plus free shipping.  Customers give the cool light decoration five stars.  Oggz morphing lights are 3 1/2" tall and 3" diameter.  These decorative lights are used as night lights, table centerpieces, holiday decorations, and in patio decorating.  They are great gifts for any age. 

Easter Decorating with Lighted Decorations

Holiday decorating is more than Christmas and Halloween.  Between the Easter baskets, buying gifts, picking out Easter dresses and outfits, making crafts, dying Easter eggs, and preparing for family gatherings on Easter Sunday dinner, some people forget to put up Easter decorations.  Lighted Easter decorations are not limited to bunnies. Think outside the box (or egg) and fix up your home as it fits you.  Decorating is all about personal expression.  Have fun.

Happy Easter!

Easter 2011 is April 24

Easter Decorating with Lights

Decorative Lights - Oggz Color Morphing Accent Light

Oggz Color Morphing Lights for Easter