String Patio Lights, have a way of creating a serene mood on your patio or deck.

You can wrap them around posts, you can string them across the patio, or on an umbrella, or if you are using a gazebo, they can highlight the gazebo, for a beautiful effect. Just make sure to purchase lots of string patio lights, to get the effect you are looking for.

There are two option when it comes to string patio lights, and the mood you are setting. You can purchase a funky string of patio lights, that are colorful and brightly colored and larger bulbs, or you can get the small twinkle lights, almost like Christmas lights, but in plain white. These can have a great effect when attached to a gazebo or the railing of your patio. You need lots of strings to create the effect.

String Patio Lights (electrical)

electrical string patio lights

If you have access to electricity outside, with a outside patio outlet, then you can use the electrical strings of patio lights. There are lots to choose from, and depending on the mood you are creating, you can get all kinds of different colors. You can also get rope lighting which can give a great effect too. Take a look online, and there are thousands of styles of string patio lights. You can get plain little bulbs, or shapes with colored glass.

Solar String Patio Lights

solar string patio lights

This is the most popular way to purchase patio lights now. With everyone thinking green and wanting to save some money, the solar string patio lights have been created to give off as good a light as the former electrical ones, but with a big savings to your wallet.

When solar lights first came out, they were very limiting in the amount of light they gave off, and needed larger solar panels to absorb the sun, but with such popularity, they have been getting better and better with their size, and now you can get solar string patio lights.

Tiny bulbs, just like the electrical ones, and in different colors and shapes. They can highlight bushes, trees, your deck railing, and especially look nice when used in a gazebo or umbrella.

You don't need to turn them off, and they absorb light during the day, and come on automatically for you as soon as it is dark. You just leave them up, as long as the small solar panel is in a spot where it can absorb sunshine during the day, then your solar string patio lights, will do well, and keep lit for your entire party and beyond. They do have switches if you prefer to turn them off, but many people just leave them on as outside lighting. They can even absorb light on a cloudy day.

Take a good look around, when you go shopping for your string patio lights, and maybe consider the solar ones this time. They have lots more to choose from than before, and they not only sell the solar string patio lights, but some really neat lighting for your garden. Just think of the money you will save, with NOT having to have wires and conduit run underground to all your lighting features in your yard.

You can take the solar string patio lights, and any other solar light anywhere with you. When you change around your garden, you can move around your lighting features. Just don't block the little solar panel that comes with these solar lights. If you purchase a lighting feature for your garden, quite often the solar panel is close to the spike where you put your decorative solar light into the garden, be careful not to bury it, or it will not absorb the lighting.

String patio lights look stunning in the shrubs and trees. This is a great way to gently light up your yard, without the flood light effect. It is gentle lighting. Just make sure to purchase enough length and you can light up your entire house and yard!