A floor machine is a simple but powerful piece of equipment that makes maintaining hard floors with a glossy finish possible. Many times floors in public buildings like schools, hospitals, stadiums or large retail stores will see every type of shoe, dirt and abrasive trek over them providing extreme wear and tear. Keeping a high shine can be difficult in these situations often necessitating for multiple layers of floor finish for a thick layer between the dirt and actual flooring. This wears down though and the time will come and the only way to return the floor to a high shine finish is to strip off the flooring finish.

Stripping a floor is a simple and straightforward process. With a few pieces of equipment you can break down and build the floor back up to a high shine. To do so you simply need a floor machine, mop, mop bucket, stripping chemical and finishing chemical and follow these steps.

Start by removing all furniture or debris from the hard floor surface you need to refinish. Use a mop or vacuum to get up all dirt and debris for a clean surface to work with. Also be sure to use caution signs letting others know that this floor surface is not safe to walk on.

Next mix your stripping chemicals with water in the mop bucket. Be sure to use a stripping chemical compliant with the floor type you are cleaning and with the proper ratio of water. Once mixed you can submerge your mop and immediately apply that to the floor, spreading around a significant amount of water and solution. In a figure eight motion move the solution around the floor providing a heavy coating. If you need to return to the mop bucket for more solution then do so. Remember, the chemical will do the stripping work so it is important to have a healthy amount distributed around your targeted area. When the area has been covered let the chemical sit for 15 minutes to do its work.

Prepare your floor machine by attaching the floor driver then your floor pad. After the 15 minutes has passed start the floor machine across the wet floor moving it gently left to right for an efficient clean and scrubbing action. Floor machines can be difficult to manage for new users but the key is control. Work the entire surface area possible on the floor, which will remove the floor finish that was softened by the floor-stripping chemical. Once your done you can use a scraping tool around the baseboards and corners to get any spots that may have been difficult to manage. 

Use a mop and water to clean up the excess chemical and finish left by the scrubbing process.  The end result should be a dry and completely stripped floor. Feel free to use a fan to expedite the drying process.

With a dry floor prepare your finishing solution by mixing your finish and water per the directions on the bottle. Insert a clean and dry mop head into the solution allowing it to fully saturate. Pull it out of the solution and allow some excess solution to drain then apply the mop to the perimeter of your floor area. Once the perimeter has finish, work the interior using the figure eight motion again and cover the floor with an even coat of floor finish.

Once complete allow the floor to dry for 15 minutes and repeat the process adding another layer. Add three to five layers of finish depending on the amount of traffic the floor sees on a weekly basis.

Maintaining floors can be a difficult task in highly trafficked areas but with the right equipment and know-how is can be much simpler than you might think.