Striped wallpaper is going to give you a much more even finish than if you are just trying to paint this design on your walls. However, you will have a more limited color palette. You can find new ways to really use this very traditional and classical material. It's one of the few wallpaper patterns that never really seems to become outdated depending on the color palette that you choose to go with.

If you go with a high end designer look then this is going to be totally different than the wide stripes that you would usually see. In fact it can have a very organic feeling to it and it may even mimic a painting or modern art. It can have a subtle fading effect from one stripe to another. This would be your most expensive option so it just makes sense to just use it on one wall. In this case, you can draw out neutral colors to use for the rest of your wall color palettes.

You can also really change up how you use this, traditionally you would see a lot of vertical stripes. However, you can also go with horizontal stripes if you want a more modern look. Remember that contemporary stripes are going to be wider and may not have all of the accent colors that traditional stripes would. You won’t see subtle pinstripes in these pieces. Instead it’s just going to be a two tone design.

You can also really change up where you use striped wallpaper. In a kid's room this can almost mimic molding. It's the perfect option if you want to go for a bold turquoise or orange but you just are scared of it being all over the wall. Instead, you can just cap it off with a piece of chair rail and then paint the wall above this in a coordinating color. However, you might just want to choose several different tones for this purpose. Then you're going to be able to change out your wall color several times without having to take down the wallpaper and molding.

One of the more designer looks that we are seeing a lot of right now is going to be a black and white striped wallpaper. You can make this work in your living room if you just want it to help you create a focal wall. However, you can also just use this in a lot of insets such small niches and nooks. Try it out in alcoves. Another option would be to put it in bookcases. This is really going to put together a very contemporary color palette and adds a really dramatic element into the room. This can also go in a nautical design direction and it's perfect if you want a beach kind of theme but you're sick of the basic blue and white tones. However, with this kind of design style you will need to bring in very literal accessories such as lifeguard rings.